Thursday, 2 May 2013

DCD: Finished page 3 and new stash for the hardwork!

Hi guys

Apologies for all of the waiting. I have been stitching and ... frogging DCD for the past week. It was a pleasant stitching yet a nightmare of confetti with bunches of same peachy and pinky colors. When I first started this chart I could not differentiate all of similar colors in the pattern and totally did not understand why do we need so many similar colors for all-looking-the-same background (this chart contains 89 colors). Having said that I still patiently stitched and stitched. Let me tell you, it is well paid off. If we view the stitched part from far, we can definitely realize the differences and can tell if we stitched wrong color. And it is so detailed. I love it.

So here the progress:

Page 3, as of May 2nd (yellow lighting)

(natural lighting)
My goal setting:

12 pages more to go!

Comparison to previous finish:



Details of the transformation of Dandelion fairy:

For new stash, as you might know HAED extended its 45% off sale to May 10. I thought that I would just ignore it but you know... I just can't. So I bought this lovely chart, a new chart from HAED by Spangler: I LOVE YOU (Click here for the chart). Oh i love you little dragon. And I love you too all of my fellow bloggers.

Have you bought any new charts during the sale? Any progress on your W.I.P? Please share with me cause I'd love to hear!

Till then!




  1. Great progress. Well done. I love your new chart, he is adorable. I decided that this HAED sale would be the only one I would buy in for the year so I put a few charts on layaway including Icicles by Marta Dahlig, Bibliodame Jacek Yerka, Storm Chaser Rob Carlos, Night Flight Aimee Stewart, Inner Workings of Life SPML. Not sure when I will ever have the time to do them all but it's so nice having a large selection of charts to pick from.

  2. Thank you for leaving your comment. Great choice of your new purchase, all are stunning pieces of art. I also have Bibliodame by JY and Inner works of life by SPML in my stash! Though we all know that we have so much more than we can possibly stitch but who can resist?

  3. Great progress, I love this chart!!!
    I've noticed the Sales but I'm so slow on the Haed and already have so much stuff to work on... Although, a little owl design would have been really welcomed :D

    1. Thanks Mii! Stitching any HAED chart is always about the time issue but it is pleasant stitching. Especially when you finish one page and cant wait to start the next page. I am surprised by its details. Surely your first HAED will be stunning too!