Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Updates on my current WIP: Magic Fire, Dunlee Darnum and Daenerys, tiny new start Impossibilium and STASH BAN BEGINS

Hi guys

I disapeared for a while, I know. I just really want to take my time and get something worthwhile to present on this blog.

OK, before posting pictures, I just want to announce that I am officially on a strict stash ban for a few months. BAN BAN BAN now sounds like BANG BANG BANG to me LOL. Pain in the *** So many lovely charts coming out from Tilton, Paine Free Crafts, Color Cascade and I am so torn for not  be able to get any of them. I have to squeeze budget for some personal matters. Anyway, meanwhile, I'll try to focus on my current W.I.P, to see whether I'll have another finish for this year.

Picture time:

MAGIC FIRE by Esmira (Paine Free Crafts): 3 pages done



DUNLEE DARNUM by JB Monge (Tilton Crafts): 6 pages done


DAENERYS (Love Thy Thread): 2.5 pages done


I also did a tiny bit new start on Impossiblium by Aimee Steward but so far only two rows of the first page done. Just way too much confetti and colors. Apart from that, my first time stitch on 32 count linen and I hate it. So I put it aside. Shy~~~

Here how it looks

I hope you all enjoy and please leave comments if you like it ~

Lots of love


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Autumn SAL April Updates: not much done but more stash

Hi folks

Spring has sprung! Birds come to my window almost everyday to sing and tell me how beautiful it is when the sun is about to shine after a long long snowy winter. And I am so in the mood of enjoying the sunrise rather than ... well.. stitching 'Autumn'. A blob of dark red colors :((. I want something that I can smell SPRING. So I regret to say that I had abandoned this piece for a month, nope, not touching it at all until yesterday. So let me apologize if you're looking for a page done, I have only 800 stitches done this month and here it goes:

You can ask me what's the differences from last month? I know it looks not much different but I had one row done above the cellar. Does it look like a web of fire or smith? Lmao. By the way, do you notice there is a little cutie on the fabric? Just got this needle minder from No more lost needle - Lisa Simmons. It is very very handy and hold the chart/needles super well - Save me a lot of time picking up the chart while stitching.

Well, to increase my sin, I bought several new charts woohoo. I know I won't have several lives to finish them all but to satisfy my itchiness, just never mind lol

From HAED:

Song bird by Aimee Steward
Blossom by Anna Dittman

World Travel BookShelves by Aimee Steward

Ripples by SPML
From Paine Free Crafts
Sorceress by PerlaMania

From Tilton Crafts:

by Shu Mizoguchi
Oboro Sakuya


Iroha Meguri
World by Julie Heffernan (I do not have copyright pic of this and it's not longer on TC's site)
Magical World by Morski

Also from Tilton Crafts, but I got RAKed (Random Act of Kindness)

Epic Christmas by McGinty

Master by Sanda

Spring Creek by James Lee

My husband got choked when he see this post. He just can't believe how on earth do I have so many charts. Luckily it's PDFs otherwise we are now living in a paper house lol

Hope you enjoy and see ya soon!

Lots of love


Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hi guys

Hope this post finds you all well. I was away for a while, to make this happen :D

Proudly present my first HAED finished: 'Dandelion Clock Dance' by Joanna Bromley. Stitched on 25 count even weave , 1 x 1 full cross.
Started date: 29 November 2012 Finished date: 3 April 2014.


Here are some photos i took throughout the process:

I hope you all like it as I do. It was a long journey and I finally got through. It was a lovely project started together with the birth of this blog.

Will come back with better picture when it's framed!

Happy stitching guys!