Sunday, 15 February 2015

Oh Yay I broke my lazy circle! Update on "Autumn" SAL

Yes! I did it!

If you folks still remember..."Autumn" by Jacek Yerka is my SAL with Pull the other thread. We are supposed to post our update on 15th every month. It started from May 2013. Somehow, for some reason, I dropped out back to August last year...It means I haven't touch this project for 5 months. Too many new starts, too little time! LOL. If you can recall my round up post of last year, I did mention that my goal is to complete whatever I did not accomplish in year 2014 and to finish 2 bottom rows (full page row) is one of it.

Here is my starting point (pic from August 2014)
I managed to finish the page:

I do really hope to keep this one in my monthly rotation, there are only 6 full pages left to complete my goal. I really hate myself if I fail again this year lol

Hope you guys enjoy it. And Pull the other thread, if you read this, pull it out! We need inspiration lol

Till next time! bb