Monday, 24 February 2014

WIPs Updates/ Updates on 'Magic Fire', 'Dunlee Darnum' and new start 'Daenerys'

Hi folks

You may recognize that this is updates on several stitching projects. I have been working on these projects in a short-time rotation, about 2-3 days each. I set a small goal for each project, such as half a page or just two column each rotation. I realize that this is a new way for me to encourage myself and make me feel like I've done a lot though it does not necessarily look like so Lol.

So here the before and after pic of my current rotation, apart from my SAL and Wipocalypse that will be posted separately.

I. MAGIC FIRE by ESMIRA (Pain Free Craft Designs)

As of 22 January (Page 9 finished)
As of 22 February (page 10 finished)
II. DUNLEE DARNUM by JB MONGE (Tilton Craft Designs)

As of 12 February (Page 1 finished)

As of 20 February (Page 2 finished)

Original image (have no idea why the color turns into pastel, it should be grayish blue)

As of 24 February (Page 2 finished)
So I have 4 pages done in total this month for these WIPS. Not a great progress compares to others but is it deserved some applause? LOL

Tell me what you think and which one you love to see more among these 3!



Saturday, 15 February 2014

'Aumtumn' by Jacek Yerka: The 10th Update

Hi guys

Yes, it's time to talk about SAL again Lol

As I mentioned in the last SAL post, my DMC 938 ran out. I ordered a new batch and realized a terrible mistake, I ordered only 1 skein instead of 10! I reckon that somehow, I mistyped '0'. I don't know to laugh or to cry right now (ー_ー)!!

Having said that, I managed to finish the page I should have done in last month SAL. So here you go:


 Here is how it looks as a whole, still a long way to go. Apologies for all the wrinkles

I'm half way through my goal for SAL this year i.e to finish 2 bottom rows of this chart. My next 2 pages will be the cellar (in the red square below):

I hope it will be something different from roots and fire. Now I can't wait to see my stitching buddy Pull the other thread with her flying books!!!

Have a lovely day guys!



Friday, 14 February 2014

February WIPocalypse: Update on Dandelion Clock Dance by Joanna Bromley

So it's time for my WIPocalypse update (*^。^*)

I am not 100% satisfied with the progress, I really wish I could have done more but well, taking the fact that I have 4 more projects in my rotation and this piece is full xstitch, I could say I am happy with this.

Here is the picture in the last WIPocalypse post:

In between: (Row 2 finished)

This month progress: (Page 13 finished)

Dandelion Close-up: (as you can see, there are many colors in in this page which made the dandelion look so detail)

So I'm official at Row 3 ヽ(^。^)ノ ヽ(^o^)丿 

Four more pages to go and Dandelion will be hung with proud Lol. I do really hope to make more progress so that I can move on another project.

My rotation habits keep changing according to my mood. Right now there are 4 projects in my rotation: 'Dandelion Clock Dance' by Joanna Bromley (HAED, WIPocalypse), 'Autumn' by Jacek Yerka (HAED, SAL), 'Magic Fire' by Esmira (Paine Free Crafts) and 'Dunlee Darnum' by JB Monge (Tilton Crafts). I regret to tell you that I have to exclude 'Ryo' by Haruyo Morita (HAED) from my rotation as it's a BAP and will occupy a good time amount of mine. 

Here are my rotation right now:

Happy stitching!


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Some thoughts about my New Start 'Dunlee Darnum' by Tilton Crafts

Hi guys

Yes, you heard it. If you read my New Year post about my attempt to control new starts, then ...forget it. Coz I CAN'T Lol. I was enabled to stitch this

I believe this artwork speaks about me the most. I love every single detail there and there is no reason I leave it in queue any longer. I've never stitched Tilton Crafts before so this is also a chance for me to test stitch it. Similar to 'Magic Fire', I use tent stitch 2 over 1 on even weave (28 count) to see how good is the coverage. 

This chart contains 45 colors with 30 pages to stitch.

Here are the colors (mostly grey scale)

Here is the first block with 10 colors:

 First 5 columns on the first page:

Page 1 completed:

Now you can see several bottles on the shelf. I thinks tent stitch with 2 strands makes a good coverage. The details are great either. The only thing I am so afraid of is that it looks too dark.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New start on 'Owl' by Sabine Rich (reward chart from Love Thy Thread)

Hi guys

How are you all doing to day?

I have been quite sick lately and therefore unable to work on any large project. And I feel so guilty not stitching anything. You know I am such an addicted stitcher. So while staying in bed, I thought I should pick up something small that I can stitch on the hoop but I can't find any lol. Then when I was surfing through my iPad, I realized that 'Owl' by Sabine Rich requires only ONE color which is incredibly good! I don't have to sort any thread and keep changing the color! The other good thing about this chart is that as it's no background chart, it allows you to stitch on beautiful hand dyed fabric (which I don't have in hands). The original artwork is a sketch by Sabine Rich. So it should have the same effect :D

Here how it looks from page 1-5:

Stitched on 28 count linen in cream. 1 x 1 full cross. Traditional cross stitching lol

It should look like this when it's finished:

The only thing frustrates me is that this chart contains 20 A4 pages (*cry a river*). Not a good sign that I will finish it anytime soon. But hey, I can just imagine finishing it in a throw pillow and hug it all night LOL