Sunday, 6 December 2015

Update Come said the wind by Glendon Place

Hi peeps

So you guys might know I have been working on "Come said the wind" by Glendon Place. It's a fairly big chart with 10 pages in total. Here is how it looks like originally

Here is how it looked like in my previous post. It was one of my UFO since 2014
I have stitched further along with the vines on the left but I realized I did not like how the colors changed, which was too stripy and busy. Also too many warm colors in one place so I decided to frogged everything out and started all over again. I changed the color of the vines to a cooler green with a hint of brown and here is my progress to date:

 I feel much better with the result! What do you guys think?

I hope to finish this by the end of the year, however, as this piece is fairly big and with all the hassle of Christmas season, I'm not 100% positive LOL. Having said that, I'm trying my best to stick to the original plan and no new start until I have 3 finishes. Right now I am jotting down ideas for New Year Resolution. Do you guys have one? I'd love to hear!

Happy stitching everyone!