Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Updates on Dandelion Clock Dance

Hi Folks! 

Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life! 

Good news is the contemporary art project finally finished and I managed to spend sometimes with stitching.

So here is a quick update on Dandelion Clock Dance:

After 10 days, page 1 almost finished

If you can see, another dandelion appeared. There are about 88 colors in this chart and 20 of them appeared in the first page! The picture did not do its justice to show the different color floss but believe, it was a hard time for me to work with so many similar pink color!

I love the color change but at the same time wonder if it changes too agressive...Please let me know your opinion. 



Friday, 14 December 2012

Updates on Dandelion Clock Dance, newbies, small projec and UFO

Hi folks

Many apologizes for leaving this blog with grass. I have been busy with my company's project and hence have not make much progress. That is to say, frankly, I only managed to spend few hours per week to stitch. I do take picture of each time I made progress on Dandelion Clock dance (Just that I did not have time to post it!) So here it goes:

Progress on Nov 29th, I have no idea why I can't rotate the image!

Dec 10th, close up
Dec 15th, we can see a little dandelion!

While working on Dandelion Clock Dance, I aslo stich a bit on a smaller project:

Dimension Gold Collection, Sanctuary Shells, stitch on 18ct beige aida. it should look like the bottom demonstration pic when i finish :p

 I also found one UFO need to be finished, should I apply to YOTA @ pulltheotherthread Blog.

Dimensions Gold Collection, Peonies/Delphiniums

Look how lovely they are!

OK, so though I was extremely busy but I did manage to look at you guys' blogs everyday to find inspiration. You guys truly are! The other day when I surfed through Gizzimomos' Blog and read her review on lovethythread new charts, i absolutely fell in love! And eventually grasped 5 patterns for myself. Absolutely stunning, so please visit her website if you have time.

Happy stitching!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Fabric Preparation Routine

Hi guys!

A busy, busy Monday. Recently I am in charged of a huge project on contemporary arts and as a result it takes me almost 18 hours per day at work. Horrible huh?

Yet after a tiring day, I found peace at home with fabric and floss. Today I want to share with you guys how i prepare the fabricf or each chart.  Unlike others, I often prepare fabrics for all of the charts before decide which chart should I stitch first. By that, I hope that I will have no reason excuse. Does it make sense?

I have quite a number of charts from Heaven and Earth Designs. It will be very expensive if I buy pre-cut fabric (which not always have the size that I want) or directly from DMC. Luckily I found a place sells a chunk of 25count linen in lemonade color with cheap price so I bought a lot for stocking.

I love the smell of fabric and the the sound  when i cut it :D. Here how I normally arrange:

1. Add 3 inches to each size of the chart before measure the fabric.
2.  Find the width of the fabric and measure it. For example, width is 67 inches, length 500 inches.

3. Choose the charts which have at least one same size. For examples, I divide all the charts that have the same length of 27 inches, put it to one side and cut the fabric with dimensions of 27'' x 67''. I then calculate the combined width of the charts to make sure the charts meet the dimensions of 67''.
For example: Chart A: 27" (L) x 21" (W); Chart B: 27" x 20"; Chart C: 27" x 26"
-> Width A + Width B + Width C = 67''

By doing this I have the exact size of the fabric that I want without wasting any inches while cutting it.

Fabric after cut

Insert in Ring File sheet

Ring Binder
How do you prepare your fabric? I would love to hear!