Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SAL: Autumn by Jacek Yerka 1st Post

Hi guys

Just for your information, this is the SAL that I join with my fellow blogger Pull the other thread. We will post our progress of this pattern on monthly 15th, goal free. I started stitching on page 54 (last page of the pattern and she will start on page 1 (you can find her post here). If you are interested in this SAL, you are most welcome to join us. It will be so fun!

So here is my preparation:

Autumn by Jacek Yerka ( please refer here to the chart)
Stitched on 25ct Dublin
Started date May 15th

Progress: Oh well, actually I started stitching this few days ago but I made a huge mistake about the placement so I was mostly frogging. I managed to start over again this morning and here is the result:

From distance

Close up
Basically, I completed page 54 since there was only few blocks to stitch. You might not able to see anything from here yet but good thing will come later. So keep your eyes on this blog for my next post on June 15th.

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  1. I'm thrilled you girls are starting a Yerka...I love love love his art and have 3 of his charts, but not this one so I will be hanging out for the 15th every month for you progress pics. Great Start stunner, even with the early frog!

    Happy stitching!
    Alicia xo