Tuesday, 30 July 2013

HAED 53% Sale! What could be better?

Hello there

HAED is having crazy birthday sale with 53% off. How could I resist this? I have been surfing HAED website quite a lot but I have never seen anything quite like this before. The biggest sale I know is 50% which is quite beneficial for us but 53%???? Holly stashhhhh, here I go:

Japanese theme: Newest chart from Haruyo MORITA: 'Ryo'

She looks gorgeous, doesn't she?

Bear theme from Hidden Eloise:
War of the Rose


Supernatural theme: Rose Spell by Amy Brown

And last but not least, QS
ancient theme: Hunter by Ancient Stone Wall Painting
Blodeuwedd by Gyseman. Love the owl!
How about you, any new stash so far????

xoxo Gwen

Monday, 15 July 2013

Third post SAL: Autumn by Jacek Yerka

Hi guys

This is the third post on my current SAL with Pull the other thread. Confetti heavy, as expected. You can't mess with Yerka... I feel like drawing his artwork now lol. What amazed me most while stitching this is you won't see what you are stitching until a finish. The page that I managed to finish in this post is page 44 where shows a flame coming from the earth.

Page 44 is finished!
 The flame, surprisingly looks quite real to me. It totally worths the effort I gave. My progress on Autumn is rather slow (about 1 page per month) though T.T

Please check  Pull the other thread 's blog to see her progress this month.

Please note that my post next month might be delayed as my family is moving to the state on the same day of expected post. I will try my best to keep this updated.

Thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dandelion Clock Dance Update: A ROW FINISHED! Yahoo

Hi guys

At last, at last, after an intensive stitching week (lol), I have something to show you! Yes, a ROW finished. The first row of DCD is done, and another two rows to the completion. I am more than happy to make this happen despite my laziness and temptation of stitching other projects. So here the result:

Page 5 (full) and 6 (partial) are finished
Yay, so there are 7 pages finished. How do you guys think?