Sunday, 6 December 2015

Update Come said the wind by Glendon Place

Hi peeps

So you guys might know I have been working on "Come said the wind" by Glendon Place. It's a fairly big chart with 10 pages in total. Here is how it looks like originally

Here is how it looked like in my previous post. It was one of my UFO since 2014
I have stitched further along with the vines on the left but I realized I did not like how the colors changed, which was too stripy and busy. Also too many warm colors in one place so I decided to frogged everything out and started all over again. I changed the color of the vines to a cooler green with a hint of brown and here is my progress to date:

 I feel much better with the result! What do you guys think?

I hope to finish this by the end of the year, however, as this piece is fairly big and with all the hassle of Christmas season, I'm not 100% positive LOL. Having said that, I'm trying my best to stick to the original plan and no new start until I have 3 finishes. Right now I am jotting down ideas for New Year Resolution. Do you guys have one? I'd love to hear!

Happy stitching everyone!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Challenge #1 completed! Daisy and Ladybug is finished! And my next goal is...

Hi folks

So a few days ago, I posted a blog where I listed out top 10 projects I would like to finish within this year and next year. My goal is to start stitching from stash and complete my long list of Wips and UFO. Daisy and Ladybug by Ajisai Press was one of them. I took picture of my progress each day, started from Tuesday this week. Here is the summary

Tues, started day


Sunday and it's finished!
So I have finished it within 6 days! I must say I did have my butt sticked on the chair LOL. The blackwork background is rather crowded, much more crowded than you see. However, overall I think it's a great pattern and a joy when you look at it. I did change the recommended flosses to silks and changed the eyes of the ladybug from cross stitch to pearl beads. During last Black Friday sale at Joann's, I bought a frame for this piece at only $7! (woohoo) and look forward to frame it soon!

So next in my To Finish List is Come said the wind by Glendon Place. Here is a snapshot of my current wip and the original design next to it 

As soon as I loaded this project on the frame, I realized the reason why it was an ufo since last year! I need to do a major frog battle LOL. So I will spend tonight frogging and hopefully I can start working on it tmr. My goal is to finish this before December ends!


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whip the WIPS Schedule

Hi folks

Last month and the past few weeks were my most busiest time of the year yet. Things are slowing down and I finally managed to sit down to do some stitching. Can you imagine I did not put a single stitch for more than 30 days lol. Yup I know it sounds pathetic!!!

Something is not right. And I realized, for a year now, I have been stitching without a concrete plan. I used to set a goal for each project, for example a page finish before moving on to my next rotation. That goal is no longer existed due to my work schedule and my chaotic growing stash and new starts. I came to a point where I hardly know what to stitch and feel guilty if I pick one but not the others. And as a result, I was lost in my own wips and I did not have any stitching done. For a looong time, I keep asking myself why and blamed the stitchy bugs. Now that I find out the reason, I gotta find solution for it. I determined and I know I can do it. I want to go back to being me again.

So, I talked to two close stitch friends of mine, who are very organized and passionate in stitching, about my case in order to find out a plan for myself. They really helped me a lot. First, I have to really limit myself in buying any new charts. New charts will enable me to have new starts. In addition, it means more spending on materials, increasing my confusion in picking up which project to stitch and reducing my time to stitch. I will hardly have any finish and it will definitely make me feel guilty. Also, I think I have more than enough. Second, which is super related to the first, I have to come up with a plan in which I will make a list of the wips I would like to finish first. More finishes = more motivation to move on and feel happy again. I narrowed down a few wips that contains less colors, mostly outline or blackwork/ samplers or small fully stitched pattern. I won't move on to the next without finishing the first on the line.  Here is my list to finish in this order:

1. Daisy and Ladybug by Ajisai Press
2. Come Said The Wind by Glendon Place
3. Silhouette Dimensions de dessin by Broderic
4. Hummingbird by Paine Free Crafts
5. Autumn Owl by Love Thy Thread
6. Effects of Caffein by HAED (Fully stitched SK)
7. Bird and Flowers by Gecko Rouge
8. Guardian of the Koi by Love Thy Thread (epic large outline chart LOL)
9. Bettina Bunny by Gecko Rouge (fully stitched Mini)
10. Learning Sampler by Northern Expression Needlework (large specialty stitches)

For each finish, I will add in the finish list another wip. For every 3-4 finishes, I will reward myself by starting a new small/medium project. By saying that, I would like to stick to the plan of 70% finish and 30% new start. I put my gears together and determine to do it!

Start from today with Daisy and Ladybug! Please help me reach my goal !!!
This is my start:


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Not much update on stitching but...

Hi folks

So it's finally Autumn here in New Jersey. Chilly weather, freezing cold wind and falling leaves...The only season after Spring that I always look forward to. Some of you might not know that winter in where I live lasts nearly 5 months, we only have about 1 month each for Spring and Autumn which is incredibly short. So I really want to enjoy while it lasts, a cup of tea, cookies and a good book/stitching session. While my current job is rather busy, 16 working hours daily and almost no weekend, I still try to find time somewhere to put a few stitch and explore new crafty hobbies LOL (oh and did I mention that I finally have a website? It's in case you want to take a look!)

I recently hooked up with Sculpting and working with Beeswax and Clay. I'm still a beginner and learning baby step but I'm so proud that I did give a try. That is to say, hey people, don't assume that you cannot do A or B, just do it!

So here is my first few attempts at Clay and Mix medias on a sewing case. I learnt a lot of blending gradation colors and textures.

I also attempted to sculpture beeswax, which will be eventually used to condition naughty threads

and a few other blingy needle cases that I made when I had spare time

I also had several exciting chart hauls last month and most likely I will have another post about it!

Hope you guys have a wonder stitching time!


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Can't believe I have been disappeared for 5 months!

Hi folks

How are you all doing? Again, many apologies for my absence. I wish I could tell you guys what's going on in my life. Pretend to be happy when you're not is just tiring. But hey, forget about all the sadness and ramblings. I am back! (terminator ver 2015 LOL)

So I haven't been stitching much and as far as I can remember, I only had a few finishes. Sadly, my only laptop was crashed last month and all of my pics gone for good. I attached here a few pics that I can find in my phone, but I remember having more LOL

Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike (Love Thy Threads Designs)
Finished on May 7
I had another finish that I was so proud of. This is my first time ever use speciality stitches and I absolutely adored it. I have learnt so much during 5 days of stitching.
Birthstone -January by Northern Expression Needlworks.
I used Garnet silks by Fiberlicious. 
As you can see, besides specialty stitches, this chart contains
number of beads and swarovski. It's extremely blingy outside!
This is the last two finishes I could find in my phone lol
Remember this pretty? It's finally finished! It's a small design but I 
have no idea why it took me so long to complete it. I ran out of threads
in the last minutes so I had to change the colors in the center a bit.
But hey, doesn't it still look ok? I substituted the recommended threads 
with Fiberlicious cottons.

Heart and Butterfly by Love Thy Threads Designs
This is not exactly a finish as I ran out of thread (again)
while trying to stitch the last swirl but after pulling in and out,
I think it looks good as it is!
I used hand dyed thread in African Violet by Fiberlicious
I had many new starts as always, but for God's sake i can't remember how many and after coming back home from a long trip, I don't know where all of them lol. For your reference, this is a pic of my wips i took 3 months ago
I think since this date, I started another 6 lol
Learning Samplers by Northern Expression Needleworks
I changed the colors to blue. Because I love blues LOL
This is the original pattern
(credit: SBB)
And a few fully stitched which I don't have pics with me but now here are what I'm working on
Ever After by Jessilyn Park (kit from Gecko Rouge)

The Green Gate by Stephanie Mun-Law (HAED)

A Storm inside by Emily Luella (Gecko Rouge)
There are many more I want to stitch before I leave this world so probably in the next few days you guys will see me go nuts with new starts. I know many of you will question why I don't focus on finishing one project before moving on to another. I was used to question that myself too. And I got too stressful. I finally found my answer, new start is my therapy LOL. It makes me feel happy. So it doesn't matter if I finish them all or not, as long as I feel happy in my little stitching corner. Life has already given me too much pressures, why would I want to put it on my hobby? It's supposed to be fun and stress free :-) 

So guys let me know what you think! Meanwhile I will surf around your blogs and leave some sparkles LOL



Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm back! with some stitching updates!

Hi lovelies

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who left comments and advises in my previous blog post. I deeply appreciated and overwhelmed by your kind words. I am still having a little bit of struggle to gain back my speed but now I feel totally refresh. The feeling of relief when you can share what you feel and have someone lends you listening ears. I also felt like I can finally throw away the heavy stone on my shoulder, the pressure of not being able to stitch as I always do. 

I picked up some small charts and stitched at my own pace, left behind the time factor and all the frustration that I had. All the encouragement from you guys played such an important role in boosting up my eagerness to stitch. So on that night, I started an AAN (Alexandra Adalaide Needleworks) called "Dove Ornament" and kept stitching it until 2 AM (LOL). And yup, I finished it.
Here is the original chart:
Here is my stitching. Instead of using DMC, I used hand dyed silks from Fiberlicious in Silver and Brumbleberry and added some pearls into it because I'm just nosy :-)

I also had another finish from AAN, an out of print that I forgot the name (sorry! i gave away the chart to my friend so I can't find the name anywhere :-( ) Again I also changed all the suggested colors to Fiberlicious silks.

And a small one from Aury TM Design called Deja Brew. I changed the WDW to Fiberlicous's Woodland vines in cotton

So while I'm on a roll (shhh) I also started a few more:
SK Effect of Caffein by Spangler - HAED
An silhouette chart from Broderie

Singing in the rain (Gecko Rouge)
and last but not least
Daisy and Ladybug, a blackwork pattern from Ajisai Press
I also have a bit small haul here and there but let me leave it to the next post. I stitch so much slower recently but I don't feel the pressure anymore. I am learning to take it easy and enjoy every moment that I have. As you guys said, it's a hobby in the end <3

Much love!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Stitching withdrawal symptom

Hi folks

It has been while since my last post. I have some sort of stitching done but it's nothing compared to what I achieved last year. And that makes me feel desperate. I guess it's partly because I have been busier and therefore have less stitching time. Having said that, when I do have spare time, I just could not sit tight to stitch. I feel like I am loosing my eagerness towards stitching yet again. 

One of my friends, who has similar problem with me, told me that because she is bored with confetti stitching and doesn't feel like doing it anymore. And she is leaning toward simpler design or speciality stitches. I am not so sure if it's my problem because I still feel the love for it somehow but it's just getting frustrated for me. I was trying to finish Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike. I was sooooo close, only 1 full page left. But it takes me forever. I just can't focus. I feel horrible. My ultimate plan is that once I have Sullenly Sweet done, I can have a spare pair of Pakos (floss organizer) so that I can use it for a brand new start (yup, running out of it). I am doubting myself now that I could ever finish it. I feel frustrated and guilty at the same time. I honestly don't know what's wrong.

Many of my stitch fellows advised me to step away from Sullenly Sweet and start something new, simple and small. However, the guilt of not finishing the chart - when it's so close - but starting a new one makes me feel overwhelming. I deliberately started something small but same thing happened, I stand up after a few stitches. 

I need help :-(


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Oh Yay I broke my lazy circle! Update on "Autumn" SAL

Yes! I did it!

If you folks still remember..."Autumn" by Jacek Yerka is my SAL with Pull the other thread. We are supposed to post our update on 15th every month. It started from May 2013. Somehow, for some reason, I dropped out back to August last year...It means I haven't touch this project for 5 months. Too many new starts, too little time! LOL. If you can recall my round up post of last year, I did mention that my goal is to complete whatever I did not accomplish in year 2014 and to finish 2 bottom rows (full page row) is one of it.

Here is my starting point (pic from August 2014)
I managed to finish the page:

I do really hope to keep this one in my monthly rotation, there are only 6 full pages left to complete my goal. I really hate myself if I fail again this year lol

Hope you guys enjoy it. And Pull the other thread, if you read this, pull it out! We need inspiration lol

Till next time! bb


Saturday, 31 January 2015

Updates of current WIPs, new start bugs and 14 days challenge (lots of pics, be aware lol)

Hi folks

Where have my January gone?  I still cannot believe today is the last day of January. How time flies! Looking back at my stitching this month, I have a few things to confess. And I thought you guys might interested in listening to how naughty I am. Yes, I'm not a discipline stitcher! I just know that!

Remember in my last post, I was talking about my two ultimate goals: finish what I haven't accomplish in last year's goal and one finish-one new start rule. Lemme tell ya, it's not as easy as it said.

On January 2, I hit the first finish of the year/first goal which is to finish Autumn Fairy by Love Thy Thread. So here she is:

I cannot tell you how excited I am. And as a crazy woman, I ran off to pick my reward. Yup, what else? A new start! I was lucky enough to be RAk'd by a stitching fellow on FB on my birthday last year a chart called "A Journey Home" by Kai (HAED). In case you want to see how it looks:

I and her made a decision to leave the background off and only stitch the black shadows, the moon and some moutain details. Yes, make use of hand dyed fabric. Here is my wee start, first row of 10x10 across the chart:

I put it down to rotate my giant wips and haven't pull it out then. My first WIP of January is "Dead Hearts" by Color Cascade Designs. Here is Before-After pic (2 pages done)

I then continue my journey with one of my late new start last year, Messing About by Chris Dunn (Paine Free Crafts Designs), I have page 2 and 3 done.

Then I move on to stitch a Sampler called Rose by Northern Expression Needleworks. There are many lovely charts on her Etsy store so make sure you check them out here. She used silks in most of her model chart, in this case she used Dinky Dyes. I don't have them in hands so I dyed my own cotton flosses to interpret my feeling for it ^_^
Here is her model chart:

Here is my interpretation with my flosses:
I thought I should finish it but my bug left me behind with bunches of frogs. As a result, I had to put it away and started something smaller to gain back my spirit. I chose "Endearing Love" from T.A. Smith Designs for the upcoming Valentines. Please check her out as well, she is a new designer with lovely samplers. Many options to personalize your project! Again, I didn't follow the floss guide instruction, I believe it called for Dinky Dyes, I switched to my own silks from Valentines Collection.
Here is her model stitching:

Here is my interpretation: stitched over 2 full cross on 32 count hand dyed fabric by Silkweaver "Autumn Sunrise". Yup it's a new start, I broke the rule but I finished it lmao

After finishing this piece, I suddenly feel lost. I thought I could have some kind of spirit to make progress on previous WIPS but I was so wrong. It took me 3-4 days of thinking, frustrating, and squeezing my brain to figure out what I want to stitch. Those days were painful. I felt guilty and frustrated for not being able to have any stitching done. But at the same time, none wips make me want to pick up. For a moment, I thought oh maybe that's it, I have stitching depression/withdrawals. Maybe I won't stitch again!

So on a snowy stormy Saturday, I decided to pack up all my stitching projects. Yup, you hear me correctly, I was that close lmao! While gathering all the wips I have to put them in the drawer, I found my long lost wips of "Ryo" by Haruyo Morita and "Impossibilium" by Aimee Steward (both charted by HAED). They were used to remain as UFOs.... A lightning strikes through my brain, my eyes suddenly become as bright as light bulbs and flames and smokes come out of my ears. I looked exactly like having an electric shock ROFL!

I picked up Ryo. And I realized that the very last time I touched it was back to 2013! I remember putting away all of the threads and used up for other projects. So I spent a day sorting the threads on pako again, put her on the frame and stitch away. After 2-3 days, I have another page done on her, it's pretty much just a background page, nothing confetti, so it was easy stitching. My aim this year, again, is to finish the first row, so if I can stick to it, I think I can do it.
Here how she should look like:

Here is my current progress: Page 1&2 done

After Ryo, I picked up "Impossibilium" (Finished designs is 400 x 721). Again, it's an UFO, I once mentioned that I didnt like the fabric I chose, which was 32 count linen, that's why I put it away.
Here is how it should look like:

Here is first few rows I stitched last year on 32 count:
I tried to continue stitching on the same fabric but the holes are too small and with even tent stitching, it's way too bulky and gave me a hard time pulling needle (size 28 petite) through. So after many thoughts, I decided to cut everything off (1600 stitches done on it). It's a hard decision but I know I couldn't continue stitching like that, it will take forever and I will not be happy. Yup, chop chop. And Start all over again. My favorite fabric to stitch is 28 count lugana. However, at the moment I decided to start all over, I didnt want to spend time griding the fabric. So I decided to use 25 count Magic guide (yup lazy woman!). Here how it looks! Tell me what ya think?

I love the result on it personally. Partially because of the nightmare 32 count gave me. Having said that, it really gives me a boost and my new start itch on 25 count magic guide. So I ran to the craft room, pulled out all my stash and picking up my favs and start cut fabrics... I know, my hubby said I looked like a hungry wolf! And yup, now I confess it, many new starts to come ROFL! At least my stitching bug is back! On a side note, all of the charts I picked are Giant BAPs...I think I'm crazy. But it makes me happy! Boo all the guilty feelings! It's the hobby after all and hobby supposed to make you happy and less stressful. So ya...who care >_> (well sometimes I do but come on lol)

HAED also offered 50% winter stash enhancement sale, my roll of craziness, I bought quite a few.
To the end of my earth

Yexian Festival Nights (Mun Law)

Last Leaves

Spring and Autumn Dreams (Joanna Brombley)

Magic Musical Box (Walls)

Resting Fawn (Bromley)

Moonlit Awakening (Walls)

Some places for me

Long Fellow House
Only after I bought, I then realized they are all BAPs >_< I need nine lives more! Then add in my guiltiness, I bought 2 minis, in a hope that i can finish at least one HAED this year.
Mini Rose Trellis Inn (Spangler)

Mini It's good to be green (Spangler)
So I decided, once i finish the first page of Impossibilium and another page of Ryo, I will declare 14 days challenge. And my aim is to stick to Mini "It's good to be green". There are 6 full pages and 3 partial pages in this chart. Call me crazy but let's see how far I can accomplish!

I also bought a few charts from Eclectic Bloke Designs by lovely Neil Bray. He is such a brilliant man! Check him out! He told us he lost his battles with cancer but it doesn't stop him from charting and carry on his dream. I love him for that.

Alien Detectives (Aly Fell)

The Morrigan (Ally Fell)

And I was RAk'd by one and only Alicia Crafty Princess:
Absinthe Fairy (Fell)
Overall, I had quite a crazy January with different emotions for my stitching. And I feel such a relief typing all these crazy things out here to share with you all.

Tell me what you think!