Saturday, 19 September 2015

Can't believe I have been disappeared for 5 months!

Hi folks

How are you all doing? Again, many apologies for my absence. I wish I could tell you guys what's going on in my life. Pretend to be happy when you're not is just tiring. But hey, forget about all the sadness and ramblings. I am back! (terminator ver 2015 LOL)

So I haven't been stitching much and as far as I can remember, I only had a few finishes. Sadly, my only laptop was crashed last month and all of my pics gone for good. I attached here a few pics that I can find in my phone, but I remember having more LOL

Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike (Love Thy Threads Designs)
Finished on May 7
I had another finish that I was so proud of. This is my first time ever use speciality stitches and I absolutely adored it. I have learnt so much during 5 days of stitching.
Birthstone -January by Northern Expression Needlworks.
I used Garnet silks by Fiberlicious. 
As you can see, besides specialty stitches, this chart contains
number of beads and swarovski. It's extremely blingy outside!
This is the last two finishes I could find in my phone lol
Remember this pretty? It's finally finished! It's a small design but I 
have no idea why it took me so long to complete it. I ran out of threads
in the last minutes so I had to change the colors in the center a bit.
But hey, doesn't it still look ok? I substituted the recommended threads 
with Fiberlicious cottons.

Heart and Butterfly by Love Thy Threads Designs
This is not exactly a finish as I ran out of thread (again)
while trying to stitch the last swirl but after pulling in and out,
I think it looks good as it is!
I used hand dyed thread in African Violet by Fiberlicious
I had many new starts as always, but for God's sake i can't remember how many and after coming back home from a long trip, I don't know where all of them lol. For your reference, this is a pic of my wips i took 3 months ago
I think since this date, I started another 6 lol
Learning Samplers by Northern Expression Needleworks
I changed the colors to blue. Because I love blues LOL
This is the original pattern
(credit: SBB)
And a few fully stitched which I don't have pics with me but now here are what I'm working on
Ever After by Jessilyn Park (kit from Gecko Rouge)

The Green Gate by Stephanie Mun-Law (HAED)

A Storm inside by Emily Luella (Gecko Rouge)
There are many more I want to stitch before I leave this world so probably in the next few days you guys will see me go nuts with new starts. I know many of you will question why I don't focus on finishing one project before moving on to another. I was used to question that myself too. And I got too stressful. I finally found my answer, new start is my therapy LOL. It makes me feel happy. So it doesn't matter if I finish them all or not, as long as I feel happy in my little stitching corner. Life has already given me too much pressures, why would I want to put it on my hobby? It's supposed to be fun and stress free :-) 

So guys let me know what you think! Meanwhile I will surf around your blogs and leave some sparkles LOL