Friday, 10 May 2013

Oopzz, I bought new charts!

On the very last day of HAED Sales, as a result of some over excitement with HAED's brand new releases, I ended up build another floor of charts in my stash. But look, it is too beautiful to resist. So I just want to share with you guys the new charts that I have bought.

Tales of the Red Swans by Aimee Steward

Dancing like a Dervish with Fox by Aimee Steward
Swimming Lessons by Jacek Yerka

SK Effects of Caffeine by Randal Spangler

Hmpf by Suzanne Gyseman. Look at him! So cute owl!

Snow wizard by Randal Spangler
So there are 2 charts by Aimee Steward and 2 charts by Randal Spangler. Joining the list of my fav designers until now is Jacek Yerka and Gyseman. Their charts are so funny and funky. I would love to kick a new start right now, it is so fun!

How do you guys think? Not too bad choice right!




  1. Oooh most of these were on my shortlist last night when I was looking to treat myself, in the end I control myself and only bought one chart :)

  2. Lovely new charts. Will you make a new start or resist?

    1. I wish I could start stitching all of them and finish as fast as a rocket! Lol

  3. Great new charts that should keep you busy for yearssssz!!! :D x

  4. I love the diversity in your chart choices. Completely agree with you about Yerka, he is my latest HAED love. I've got 3 of them but won't be able to start one until hmmmm well not anytime soon!