Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Autumn SAL July post

Hi peeps

It's getting so much hotter here in the state. In this season, people here are crazy about BBQ and camping. I don't. I'd rather stay at home with my air-con on. Or I will be melted. I know I can fry an egg on the road right now with this freaking temperature so why should I fry myself out there! How is the weather at your side?

I also blame the hot weather for my slow progress in stitching. I don't feel like doing anything! Yeah, singing Bruno Mars' Lazy Song!!!

Don't be mad at me if I don't have much progress to show, only half a page done hehe

Na na na na I dont feel like picking up my needles cause today I swear I am not doing anything...Nothing at all whoo whoo LMAO

Have fun! And don't forget to check out Pull the other thread blog for her progress this month!



Thursday, 3 July 2014

Updates on my current WIPS and new starts (Love Thy Thread and Color Cascade)

Hi folks

It has been a while since my last updates. I thought I should have something extraordinary to show you guys but I dit not catch up with the original plan I have in mind. Family matters, personal matters, life and etc. I also realized that I caved in too many new starts recently which make my progress look slower than it should be. Though how much I want to take it positively, I still feel incredibly guilty for not touching some of them for a long long time. I must learn how to deal with it or I seriously will end up stare at them and sigh instead of stitching.

OK, now it's picture time!

As you might know, I and Alicia aka Crafty Princess are SAL-ing a chart from Tilton Crafts called "World" by Heffernan. Please look through her blog as well to see how insanely she has done. Mine is pathetic LOL. I started from the middle so here is the first row of that page.

To get an idea of how it looks like when it finished, here is the original art

My progress on Magic Fire by Esmira (Paine Free Crafts)
 about more than 7,000 stitches done. I did not count LOL

Next is Dunlee Darnum by JB Monge (Tilton Crafts) 1,600 stitches perhaps

Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike (Love Thy Thread) not count how much i've done lol

New start: Roses are red by Sheena Pike (Love Thy Thread) I've mentioned about this in my previous post.

New start Dead Hearts by Logan Knight (Color Cascade Designs)

Original Art:

My stitching: First page DONE. This is such an incredibly detailed chart with heavy confetti alert. However, the result you get is very worth it.

New start: Guardian of Koi by Sabine Rich (Love Thy Thread) on 28 count Opal Lugana in Sweet Child O'mine hand dyed Fabby by Color Cascade Fabric.

Hope you guys enjoy and having a good time here in my blog. Leave a comment and see you next time!