Friday, 3 January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY FINISH, 2013 in Preview and Resolutions for 2014 and Stash Enhancement (Picture heavy)

Hi guys,

I. A finish

You read the title and you demand a picture. Yes, of course. I am so happy to present you my first finish on Love Thy Thread's chart: "Harvest Moon" by Lisa O' Malley.

This is the speediest stitching piece I ever stitched and  I hope I made Bev proud.

'Harvest Moon' by Lisa O' Malley
Designed by Love Thy Thread
Stitching period: November 2013 - January 2014
Tented 2 over 1 on 26 count hard danger
How do you guys think?

On the other note, similar to HAED, Love Thy Thread also offers a loyalty program where you can receive a free chart of equal or lesser value by submitting a finish. I love Sabine Rich sketch painting and I was lucky enough to receive 'Owl' from Bev as a reward. Here it is:

I can't find a copyright mark image so please  excuse me for my bad skill. You can find this pattern available for purchase here

How adorable this owl is! And it requires only 1 color (20 pages in total though)! Ehehe. Should I dig in this one immediately? Yes, cause I really want to!

II. Stitching Summary of 2013 and goal for 2014

I think it's worthwhile to give a brief summary of my stitching in the past year to encourage myself go further this year. So here is my stitching summary and goal that follows.

1. Dandelion Clock Dance by Joanna Bromley (HAED)

Started on November 2012
As of November 2013
My goal is to finish this pattern within the first quarter of 2014

2. Autumn by Jacek Yerka (HAED)

Started on May 15, 2013

As of December 15, 2013
My goal is to finish 2 bottom rows of this pattern this year :D

3. Ryo by Haruyo Morita (HAED)

Started on October 2013

As of October 2013
After finished a page, I did not have chance to touch it again. I feel very guilty leaving it aside as it is a beautiful pattern. My goal this year is to finish the first row of this chart :D

4. Harvest Moon by Love Thy Thread: Started on November 2013, finished by January 2014.

5. Cow Parsley from Cross Stitcher: Started and finished within September 2013

6. Others

As you might know, I also started other HAED patterns but for some reasons, I lost interest in them so they probably out of my stitching rotation this year as well.

III. Stash enhancement

Santa Claus visited me last Christmas and spoiled me:

From Paine Free Craft:
The Scribe by Suzi Dragonlady

From Heaven and Earth Designs:

Dragon Pleasure by Jacek Yerka
Ripples by Stephani-Mun Law
The Owl Maiden by Annie Stegg (new artist)

and last but not least 

The Plagiarists by Jonathan Wolstenholme (new artist to HAED)
New stash means New start? I'm not sure yet. Probably no BAP (Big Ass Project) for this year but small and medium project cause I want to have something hang in my house with proud Lol

What is your year in preview and what are your resolutions?




  1. Congrats on your finish, it looks great! I have warrior red in my stash. I hope to make a start on it soon :)

  2. Congrats Gwen it looks fantastic! I can't believe how fast you stitched this!

    1. Hi Mii! There are only 9 pages in total. It's hard to believe but I have only 7 pages left for Dandelion Clock Dance but looks like it will get forever to finish while i pull this one off for just 2 months! lol

  3. Wow, you made a lot of progress during the last year and I am impressed by the goals you set for the next year. I would never get that much done... But I am looking forward to see your progress and it motivates me to see how much wonderful work one can do in just one year =)
    I love the new charts you got =)

  4. Harvest Moon looks amazing! I really like the pattern, the colours are stunning and it's a super fast finish. Well done!

    I only have one stitching goal this year, to finish my oldest WIP of a bunch of meerkats. I think I can do it... I hope so!