Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm back! with some stitching updates!

Hi lovelies

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who left comments and advises in my previous blog post. I deeply appreciated and overwhelmed by your kind words. I am still having a little bit of struggle to gain back my speed but now I feel totally refresh. The feeling of relief when you can share what you feel and have someone lends you listening ears. I also felt like I can finally throw away the heavy stone on my shoulder, the pressure of not being able to stitch as I always do. 

I picked up some small charts and stitched at my own pace, left behind the time factor and all the frustration that I had. All the encouragement from you guys played such an important role in boosting up my eagerness to stitch. So on that night, I started an AAN (Alexandra Adalaide Needleworks) called "Dove Ornament" and kept stitching it until 2 AM (LOL). And yup, I finished it.
Here is the original chart:
Here is my stitching. Instead of using DMC, I used hand dyed silks from Fiberlicious in Silver and Brumbleberry and added some pearls into it because I'm just nosy :-)

I also had another finish from AAN, an out of print that I forgot the name (sorry! i gave away the chart to my friend so I can't find the name anywhere :-( ) Again I also changed all the suggested colors to Fiberlicious silks.

And a small one from Aury TM Design called Deja Brew. I changed the WDW to Fiberlicous's Woodland vines in cotton

So while I'm on a roll (shhh) I also started a few more:
SK Effect of Caffein by Spangler - HAED
An silhouette chart from Broderie

Singing in the rain (Gecko Rouge)
and last but not least
Daisy and Ladybug, a blackwork pattern from Ajisai Press
I also have a bit small haul here and there but let me leave it to the next post. I stitch so much slower recently but I don't feel the pressure anymore. I am learning to take it easy and enjoy every moment that I have. As you guys said, it's a hobby in the end <3

Much love!


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Stitching withdrawal symptom

Hi folks

It has been while since my last post. I have some sort of stitching done but it's nothing compared to what I achieved last year. And that makes me feel desperate. I guess it's partly because I have been busier and therefore have less stitching time. Having said that, when I do have spare time, I just could not sit tight to stitch. I feel like I am loosing my eagerness towards stitching yet again. 

One of my friends, who has similar problem with me, told me that because she is bored with confetti stitching and doesn't feel like doing it anymore. And she is leaning toward simpler design or speciality stitches. I am not so sure if it's my problem because I still feel the love for it somehow but it's just getting frustrated for me. I was trying to finish Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike. I was sooooo close, only 1 full page left. But it takes me forever. I just can't focus. I feel horrible. My ultimate plan is that once I have Sullenly Sweet done, I can have a spare pair of Pakos (floss organizer) so that I can use it for a brand new start (yup, running out of it). I am doubting myself now that I could ever finish it. I feel frustrated and guilty at the same time. I honestly don't know what's wrong.

Many of my stitch fellows advised me to step away from Sullenly Sweet and start something new, simple and small. However, the guilt of not finishing the chart - when it's so close - but starting a new one makes me feel overwhelming. I deliberately started something small but same thing happened, I stand up after a few stitches. 

I need help :-(