Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dandelion Clock Dance: Finished Page 2 and more + New start Merlin and Arthur

Hi guys

I know I have been disappearing ever since I posted a blog about setting an extreme goal on this project. And obviously I failed to meet that goal sigh! Moving house drove me crazy but at last I could sit down and give me sometime to post some update.

Page 2 finished on April 1st

 1/4 page 3 finished on April 20th

The other day when I  was listening to 'If life is so short' by the Moffats, I realized that I wasted so many of my time in the past. I have also learnt that setting a strict goal is also very important in time management strategy. I will try to update as much as I can here about my stitching project to see how far I have gone through.

So here is a new start ready for April circulation:

Merlin and Arthur by Scott Gustafason
Heaven and Earth Designs

Stitching on Dublin line (Zweigart 25 count)
Starting date: April 1st

I love this artwork very very very much, a fairy tale and yet an amazing artwork by talented Scott Gustafason.

Do you have any new start this month? Please share with me!




  1. YAY! Congratulations Gwen on finishing page 2. It looks amazing. Very exciting new start too, I think it will be fun to stitch. I've got quite a few new starts. HAED - Spiders Queen and A Coign of Vantage, Golden Kite - The arrival of Guests, Venice. I'll be posting my progress in my next post in the next few days if you would like to see them. I love new starts sooo fun!
    Alicia xo

    1. Thanks a lot! I am so struggling right now to make a better move on my W.I.P. I am always watching your blog, very exciting!

  2. Hey. Well done on your page finish. I love your new start, Merlin and Arthur is on my Wishlist. It's an amazing chart and I can't wait to see more of it. I made a new start on a small project, one of the Some Bunny to Love charts from a magazine. I am putting it down until I finish my MS Hedgehog mini. I will show some progress on it soon but all my stitching has been white and cream on a white fabric so it is nearly impossible to see :)