Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dandelion Clock Dance Update: Another page finished

Hi guys

I have just finished page 4 of this pattern and increased the finished pages to 5. I know that we are dying to see more giant dandelions in the second row to be appear but I think I will save the best for last lol. I actually would like to finish the first row first and then come down one by one to see how things turn out. So here is my new finished page:

Dandelion Clock Dance by June 23

As you can see, there are not many details in this page accept the wing of the fairy and a small flying dandelion but overall, it looks not bad to me! One more full page and a partial page to complete the first row. I hope things will turn out well :D

Happy stitching!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

SAL 2nd post: Autumn

Oh ladies

Stitching this piece is really making me headache and heartache as well. Firstly, the confetti is all over the place. Secondly, I was so afraid that I won't be able to see or imagine anything from what I stitched. No, not until I finished page 53 and saw a small pale light in front of the cave, lol. Try to use all of my imagination and energy to persuade myself to understand what I am stitching. I do really hope to show you guys more, but well, lets see what I have here:

Finished page 53,54 and 45
Ok, so in this picture, I put aside the image of Yerka's artwork so that you can roughly know where I am now. I think we can see the roots and a small entrance behind it. Just like I say, a pale light in front of the cave lol.  Here is the close up pic of this entrance in natural day light:

I hope that I could show you guys more progress in the next post. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Don't forget to visit Pull the other thread blog to check out her progress on this piece



Thursday, 13 June 2013

Damn! I'm such a Yerka mania

As you might noticed, HAED extends its sale until June 14. And as my stitching fellows might know, Yerka's arts drive me crazy recently. I dream about them day and night and my craziness yells the hell out of me that made me become a sinful chart collector of Yerka. In this post, my sin will be revealed :)not know about other stitchers but for me, there are many charts that I bought but not post in this blog "yet" as I want to hide my sin away. But you know, sometimes sharing what you are craving for to others is also a good thing. In this post, my sin will be revealed :)) (Just for Yerka's :D). The charts will be divided into 3 sections: New Stash, Already in Stash and W.I.P:

1. New Stash:

A new release: "Waiting for a Tram"

"Strawberry Orchard"

"Attack at Dawn"

"Spring Labyrinth"

"String Theory"

2. Already in Stash:

"Between Heaven and Hell"


"Room on the Loft"


"Up from the Deep"

"Grand Piano"

"Amok Harvest"

"Four seasons"


"Falling water  Estate"

"Pocket Jungle Room"

"Watering Place"

"Swimming Lesson"
 3. W.I.P (SAL):


So there are about 19 charts of Yerka that I am currently holding (and many more in my wish list, sigh~) which take me forever to finish but I am super happy! It does help me enhance my energy in stitching and I hope it happens the same to you? Tell me what you think!


Monday, 10 June 2013

Happy Anniversary to me and Happy New Stash!

Hi guys

This is very personal but today is our special anniversary and I got spoiled by my hubby. When HAED starts its 50% sale, my eyes stick to their site. Honestly, I surf there every single day while telling myself 'no more new chart, you've gotta to finish one' lol. My 'surfing hobby' caught my hubby's attention and he urged me to give him my wish list. But you know, I not even dare to count how many charts I have in my wish list (which i am sure that it will be even longer than our monthly grocery bills !(~^o^)~*~(^o^~). After refuse several times, I gave him my short list and here they are, newbies to my stash:

First, my all time favorite LAW:


Wind Machine

The Storm

The Call

One White Soul


And of course, new favorite artist: YERKA

Pocket Jungle Room (Look at those small little animals!)

Watering Place (looks like heaven to me)

Between Heaven and Hell (oh yeah)

Fallingwater Estate

From Mathew Steward:
A Mermaid
 From Selina Fenech
Merlins Temple (this was in my wish list forever since)
 Last but not least, fairy from the return Julie Fain!

Enchanted Glimpse
Yahoo! Feeling so exciting! I feel like living in fairy tales! Especially after watching "EPIC" this noon Lol

How about you guys? Successfully passed this sale?


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dandelion Clock Dance: Fairy has wings!

Hi guys

Another update only three days after the last post, I know! While looking at my own progress, I feel so sorry for the fairy that lacks one of his wing! So I decided to stitch him the rest of the wing so that he can fly high!

Here you go:

This is how the fairy looks before
I hope you like how he looks now!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Late update on Dandelion Clock Dance: Page 7 finish

Hi folks

Many apologies for late update on DCD ( I lost my stitching bug for a while), just a quick announcement that I have just finished page 7 which increased my finished pages to 4 and 14 (including 3 small partial pages) more to go. I do really hope that I can make it before the reward program of HAED close this August (find out here). Or I have to wait until Dec (which I hesitate). Anyone entered this program before? I am so curious. Btw, HAED is on 50% crazy sales, so make sure after giving "careful thought", you can go for it or give it a pass.

So here is my DCD to date:

 I am quite pleased with the result as seeing the giant dandelion comes to life. Really hope to be more productive in the next post.

Enjoy stitching!