Monday, 13 May 2013

Dandelion Clock Dance: Some progress to date

Hi there

In the last update on DCD, I was working mostly on the sky and the dandelion fairies. So I was thinking maybe I should jump downward the pattern to change the atmosphere. As you might know, oh I am so bored at stitching peachy colors. As I decided to skip page 4-6 and move to page 7, I soon realize that the obsession of heavy confetti on the sky is nothing compare to the pages in the middle and the bottom of the pattern. Symbols keep changing all the time and I swear to God, the symbols even jumped into my dream. So I made another decision is to switch stitching projects between days to get more balance. It means that I will have less progress than normal and I figure out this is the only solution for me at the moment. So here is the progress:

Finished half of page 7 and a bit of the sky on page 4

Close up on the stitched part. There are about 70 colors within this half a page!
I hope you guys enjoy and any comment is appreciated.

I will take a break from DCD for a while to do a SAL project on Autumn by Jacek Yerka with Pull the other thread. The first post and details of this SAL  will be in this blog tomorrow!

Have fun!



  1. Looks beautiful. Confetti can be a real pain but the result is worth it. Can't wait to see your start on Autumn :)

    1. Thanks! I was in pain, haha. Especially when I realized that I gridded wrong as well. But I have learnt a lesson and adapt it to Autumn. It is getting so exciting now (SAL)

  2. Looking lovely, your hard work is paying off!!

  3. Dandelions looks amazing. I love Yerka's art and have 3 of his charts in my stash. I haven't seen anything by him stitched so I'm really looking forward to your next post. Happy stitching!
    Alicia xo