Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whip the WIPS Schedule

Hi folks

Last month and the past few weeks were my most busiest time of the year yet. Things are slowing down and I finally managed to sit down to do some stitching. Can you imagine I did not put a single stitch for more than 30 days lol. Yup I know it sounds pathetic!!!

Something is not right. And I realized, for a year now, I have been stitching without a concrete plan. I used to set a goal for each project, for example a page finish before moving on to my next rotation. That goal is no longer existed due to my work schedule and my chaotic growing stash and new starts. I came to a point where I hardly know what to stitch and feel guilty if I pick one but not the others. And as a result, I was lost in my own wips and I did not have any stitching done. For a looong time, I keep asking myself why and blamed the stitchy bugs. Now that I find out the reason, I gotta find solution for it. I determined and I know I can do it. I want to go back to being me again.

So, I talked to two close stitch friends of mine, who are very organized and passionate in stitching, about my case in order to find out a plan for myself. They really helped me a lot. First, I have to really limit myself in buying any new charts. New charts will enable me to have new starts. In addition, it means more spending on materials, increasing my confusion in picking up which project to stitch and reducing my time to stitch. I will hardly have any finish and it will definitely make me feel guilty. Also, I think I have more than enough. Second, which is super related to the first, I have to come up with a plan in which I will make a list of the wips I would like to finish first. More finishes = more motivation to move on and feel happy again. I narrowed down a few wips that contains less colors, mostly outline or blackwork/ samplers or small fully stitched pattern. I won't move on to the next without finishing the first on the line.  Here is my list to finish in this order:

1. Daisy and Ladybug by Ajisai Press
2. Come Said The Wind by Glendon Place
3. Silhouette Dimensions de dessin by Broderic
4. Hummingbird by Paine Free Crafts
5. Autumn Owl by Love Thy Thread
6. Effects of Caffein by HAED (Fully stitched SK)
7. Bird and Flowers by Gecko Rouge
8. Guardian of the Koi by Love Thy Thread (epic large outline chart LOL)
9. Bettina Bunny by Gecko Rouge (fully stitched Mini)
10. Learning Sampler by Northern Expression Needlework (large specialty stitches)

For each finish, I will add in the finish list another wip. For every 3-4 finishes, I will reward myself by starting a new small/medium project. By saying that, I would like to stick to the plan of 70% finish and 30% new start. I put my gears together and determine to do it!

Start from today with Daisy and Ladybug! Please help me reach my goal !!!
This is my start:



  1. Good plan :) I love the ladybug chart this series is just cool. You can definitely do it, it feels so rewarding when I see all of the progress on my one WIP.

  2. I do something very similar with my stitching goals. Sometimes you've got to know there's a reward coming to get you motivated!
    Your ladybug is gorgeous! I had to enlarge it to see if it was stitched, it's so lifelike:)

  3. Kudos for getting organized and putting finishes first! I'm also trying to get a handle on all my wips and can empathize with the frustrations you feel. Great work on the ladybug! I love the designs from Ajisai Press. Looking forward to seeing your finish. :)

  4. Sound like a good plan and I am sure those two organized friends will keep an eye on you and help you follow through ;) andjust remember, it's supposed to be a fun hobby ;)

  5. I know just how you feel...I have resisted the temptation to join Crazy January Challenge next year as even stitching small projects stops me from getting to the larger ones. I intend to stitch one at a time next year and try to get some larger finishes under my belt. I will be cheering you on!
    Your ladybird looks gorgeous and deserves to be finished.

  6. I have a similar plan on my blog. Whip those WIPS

  7. It sounds like you have gone from a state of confusion to a state of organization so that's one hurdle achieved. I'm happy to read that you are going to reward yourself with a new start for every few finishes in order to keep you motivated. Good luck with your new plans. I'll definitely be cheering you along. :)

  8. I'll support any plan. It's just awesome to have a plan. I think I spend more time planning than I do stitching hah ha. But I will support you in this, it sounds like a good solid workable plan. You're off to a great start with ladybug. Go Nguyen GO!!!
    xo Alicia