Thursday, 15 October 2015

Not much update on stitching but...

Hi folks

So it's finally Autumn here in New Jersey. Chilly weather, freezing cold wind and falling leaves...The only season after Spring that I always look forward to. Some of you might not know that winter in where I live lasts nearly 5 months, we only have about 1 month each for Spring and Autumn which is incredibly short. So I really want to enjoy while it lasts, a cup of tea, cookies and a good book/stitching session. While my current job is rather busy, 16 working hours daily and almost no weekend, I still try to find time somewhere to put a few stitch and explore new crafty hobbies LOL (oh and did I mention that I finally have a website? It's in case you want to take a look!)

I recently hooked up with Sculpting and working with Beeswax and Clay. I'm still a beginner and learning baby step but I'm so proud that I did give a try. That is to say, hey people, don't assume that you cannot do A or B, just do it!

So here is my first few attempts at Clay and Mix medias on a sewing case. I learnt a lot of blending gradation colors and textures.

I also attempted to sculpture beeswax, which will be eventually used to condition naughty threads

and a few other blingy needle cases that I made when I had spare time

I also had several exciting chart hauls last month and most likely I will have another post about it!

Hope you guys have a wonder stitching time!



  1. Lovely needle/sewing cases. The variety of designs is terrific.

  2. Wow Nguyen your sewing cases are gorgeous 💜!

  3. Everything looks lovely! I especially like the owl. I'll be buying something once I get a job but until then money is really tight. Take care :)

  4. Beautiful! I'm off to see if the rose needlecase is still available! :-)

  5. Wow that's so cool, we have nothing like it around me. Good job on doing your own.