Saturday, 19 September 2015

Can't believe I have been disappeared for 5 months!

Hi folks

How are you all doing? Again, many apologies for my absence. I wish I could tell you guys what's going on in my life. Pretend to be happy when you're not is just tiring. But hey, forget about all the sadness and ramblings. I am back! (terminator ver 2015 LOL)

So I haven't been stitching much and as far as I can remember, I only had a few finishes. Sadly, my only laptop was crashed last month and all of my pics gone for good. I attached here a few pics that I can find in my phone, but I remember having more LOL

Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike (Love Thy Threads Designs)
Finished on May 7
I had another finish that I was so proud of. This is my first time ever use speciality stitches and I absolutely adored it. I have learnt so much during 5 days of stitching.
Birthstone -January by Northern Expression Needlworks.
I used Garnet silks by Fiberlicious. 
As you can see, besides specialty stitches, this chart contains
number of beads and swarovski. It's extremely blingy outside!
This is the last two finishes I could find in my phone lol
Remember this pretty? It's finally finished! It's a small design but I 
have no idea why it took me so long to complete it. I ran out of threads
in the last minutes so I had to change the colors in the center a bit.
But hey, doesn't it still look ok? I substituted the recommended threads 
with Fiberlicious cottons.

Heart and Butterfly by Love Thy Threads Designs
This is not exactly a finish as I ran out of thread (again)
while trying to stitch the last swirl but after pulling in and out,
I think it looks good as it is!
I used hand dyed thread in African Violet by Fiberlicious
I had many new starts as always, but for God's sake i can't remember how many and after coming back home from a long trip, I don't know where all of them lol. For your reference, this is a pic of my wips i took 3 months ago
I think since this date, I started another 6 lol
Learning Samplers by Northern Expression Needleworks
I changed the colors to blue. Because I love blues LOL
This is the original pattern
(credit: SBB)
And a few fully stitched which I don't have pics with me but now here are what I'm working on
Ever After by Jessilyn Park (kit from Gecko Rouge)

The Green Gate by Stephanie Mun-Law (HAED)

A Storm inside by Emily Luella (Gecko Rouge)
There are many more I want to stitch before I leave this world so probably in the next few days you guys will see me go nuts with new starts. I know many of you will question why I don't focus on finishing one project before moving on to another. I was used to question that myself too. And I got too stressful. I finally found my answer, new start is my therapy LOL. It makes me feel happy. So it doesn't matter if I finish them all or not, as long as I feel happy in my little stitching corner. Life has already given me too much pressures, why would I want to put it on my hobby? It's supposed to be fun and stress free :-) 

So guys let me know what you think! Meanwhile I will surf around your blogs and leave some sparkles LOL




  1. Hi Gwen nice to see you back! Sorry to hear that life has been stressful. Your stitching is beautiful as always and I love all three of your current WIPs.
    If new starts make you happy then go for it! Life is too short to worry about what others think about your hobby.
    Hope you feel able to stitch more soon.

  2. Welcome back :) I hope things have started to slow down for you I'm sorry to hear they haven't been great. Your stitching is lovely my favorite is the African Violets piece. At least she's back in business so you can get the rest of your thread to finish!

  3. Wonderful stitching all of it! Hope things will start to get better for you:) I completely agree with you that starting new projects is the best thing about cross stitching! And I tell myself as someone wise said; if you don't start something you can't finish it! Perfect excuse to start another project:))

  4. Gwen so glad you're back!! You have been busy still with your needles :)
    Hope Life treats you better now & things settle down a bit for you.
    I have added you back on my follower list... Apologies for this but I regularly tidy things, otherwise I end up with a massive list.

  5. New follower, but Im glad you're back! Awesome projects you have going on, cant wait to see them grow