Sunday, 29 November 2015

Challenge #1 completed! Daisy and Ladybug is finished! And my next goal is...

Hi folks

So a few days ago, I posted a blog where I listed out top 10 projects I would like to finish within this year and next year. My goal is to start stitching from stash and complete my long list of Wips and UFO. Daisy and Ladybug by Ajisai Press was one of them. I took picture of my progress each day, started from Tuesday this week. Here is the summary

Tues, started day


Sunday and it's finished!
So I have finished it within 6 days! I must say I did have my butt sticked on the chair LOL. The blackwork background is rather crowded, much more crowded than you see. However, overall I think it's a great pattern and a joy when you look at it. I did change the recommended flosses to silks and changed the eyes of the ladybug from cross stitch to pearl beads. During last Black Friday sale at Joann's, I bought a frame for this piece at only $7! (woohoo) and look forward to frame it soon!

So next in my To Finish List is Come said the wind by Glendon Place. Here is a snapshot of my current wip and the original design next to it 

As soon as I loaded this project on the frame, I realized the reason why it was an ufo since last year! I need to do a major frog battle LOL. So I will spend tonight frogging and hopefully I can start working on it tmr. My goal is to finish this before December ends!



  1. Good luck let the battle begin!

  2. And congrats the ladybug looks gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations on finishing Ladybird. I hope it's not too long before we see her framed. Good luck with your new chart. I hope the frogging is not to difficult. :)

  4. Beautiful finish! Good luck with the frogging.

  5. Ladybird looks amazing - like she is ready to fly off the fabric! Well done on finishing her so quickly.
    I hope the frogging doesn't take too long. I always find that frogging is less painful when some time has elapsed since the original mistake. Hope you're stitching again soon!

  6. Ladybug is beautiful and looks SO real. Hope you can kick the frog out quickly!

  7. Ooh I love Ladybird!!! I bought the chart earlier on this year & really owe to start working on it!!!! Maybe in 2016?!