Sunday, 24 November 2013

Exciting updates on 'Harvest Moon', extravagant stash enhancement from Love Thy Thread, Tilton Crafts and Pain Free Crafts

Woohoo Hi folks

I think I got dusted by fairies in my dreams. That's the only explanation why I stitched 'Harvest Moon' by Love Thy Thread so fast. And I even forgot to tell you guys. I am HALF WAY THRU~~~ So I guess I should post something here to celebrate. I started stitching this from November 9. Here how it looks thru each stage:

Stitched on 26 count white canvas. 2 over 1 tent stitch

As of November 11

As of November 13

As of November 18

As of November 24

So now I am officially half way thru. Another half to go. Though the center contains a lot of confetti but I do hope to get this finished within this month. Don't you think? The bunny is just way too cute to resist.

Love Thy Thread is relatively new chart company run by Bev, an experienced stitcher from UK. I first heard about her when I read Thea's review on her blog (you can read it here). I found her charts are very lovely, especially her bunny collection from Lisa O'Malley or portraits from Elena Berezina. The other thing I like about is that her charts contain less pages in comparison to Heaven and Earth Designs (so that I can finish faster lol). The only thing I feel skeptical is the chart symbols are a little bit confusing to me). But overall, very worth buying. Last week, to celebrate her 40th birthday, she ran a 40% sale on her website. And I can't help but to buy another 5 lovely charts from her, all from Elena's artworks.


Little Mermaid

Mermaid 2


After trying out Love Thy Thread's chart, an idea came to my mind that I should I try out other chart companies other than HAED as well, to see how it goes. So I bought some charts from Tilton Crafts and Paine Free Crafts. Though their collection is still limited as they are relatively new, their charts are both adorable. And their customer service is flawless.

Shelley from Tilton is such generous person. After I joined her group on Facebook, as many other stitchers, I got offered 'buy one get one free' (she will choose one from my wish list) which resulted in my 4 new charts (bought 2 got 2 free lol) below:

Dunlee Darnum

Free chart: Sanctuary

Free chart: Music Room

Upon the Roof Top

I haven't stitch any of these charts yet. But it's likely that i will start on 'Danlee Darnum' right after I finish my 'Harvest Moon'. The chart symbols from Tilton is very similar to HAED which is quite easy to my eyes to stitch. The only thing scares me is the number of pages, more or less than 70 (O.o)

Another company that I attempt to give a try is Paine Free Crafts run by Sarah Paine. Her charts are mostly fantasy and animatic theme which I really like. I have not seen any sale from her site yet but she offers loyalty points for each chart that you buy so I think it's great. I was obsessed by artworks by Esmira in her chart collection from the very first time I saw it. I love to have them all, but my bank not allow me to go further than one. So here you go, 'Magic Fire'.

To sum, I do really think that though Love Thy Thread, Tilton or Paine Free are relatively new charting companies, their chart collection are great and their customer services are flawless. As you might notice, while most of the artworks used in Love Thy Thread and Paine Free Crafts are from deviant, a very very famous site contributed by many talented illustrators, Tilton Crafts offer more charts on gothic and vintage theme by miscellaneous artists. I have not much thing to say about the charting quality since I have not stitch either Tilton or Paine Free but I really really hope that it will worth every penny I spent.

Ok guys, that's it for today's post. Hope you guys enjoy and happy stitching!


  1. 70 pages?! You are a brave stitcher. Great progress on Harvest Moon and love all your other new charts.

  2. Wow!!! Have you put a turbo to your needle??? You've been stitching this one so fast!! :D It looks lovely!

  3. Wow look at you go Speedy! Fantastic progress. I love your new charts. I'll be starting my charts from those websites soon too.
    Alicia xo

  4. That's *amazing* progress on Harvest Moon, wow. Your coverage looks really good too. I'm about to test stitch on my first HAED 2 over 1 tent stitch on 25ct, but I'm dubious about the coverage... I'll just have to find out. :)

    Oh, Love Thy Thread has some beautiful charts. I'll be dropping by there quite often, m'thinks.

    1. I stitched this on canvas so the hole is really obvious if I do 1 over 1 full cross. I tried 2 over 1 full cross but it's too stiff and bulky so ended up using tent stitch (continental method, half stitch not work for me). Maybe you can try to see how it goes :D