Saturday, 14 December 2013

SAL 8th post - Last SAL post of year 2013

Hi folks

So it has been 8 months since our first post on SAL 'Autumn' by Jacek Yerka. And this is my 8th post.

8 months gone, wow.

During 8 months of stitching 'Autumn', I realize how grateful I am to have Pull the other thread as my SAL partner, for every amazing stitch that she put and her brilliant companionship. I am also thankful for all the comments that all of you, my fellow stitchers, made to encourage me to continue stitching this (this is a mad one, you know that).

Looking back again at all I have done so far, I feel proud. Having said that, each month I only have more or less than one page done (one page done each month is my minimum goal). I do really wish that I could have done more. I see some people got their HAED done in months or within a year. But others in yearSSS. So I think, well, just forget about the time frame. I have committed to it, I will fight with it Lol

And this is my 8th page done:

I think it comes together nicely and I know you guys want to see more of it. I really cracking my head right now to come up with a neater plan for next year, for how much I can pull it off. I do really want to see the whole picture too.

In summary, 8 pages down, 46 pages to go. With my minimum goal of one page each month now, I assume i will have this finish in 46 months which is 4 years later? NO WAY Lol (eyes popping out) O.o

To see the development of this piece when I first started until now,please click the Tab 'Autumn SAL' at the Top of this page.

To see the progress from my fellow stitcher, Pull the other thread, please click here.

I hope you enjoy and I will come back with my stitching goal for next year as well as some new stash! Yay!



  1. It's absolutely stunning. A page a month is great progress. Looking forward to watching it grow in 2014!

  2. Hi Gwen.
    You are too hard on yourself. Yes some people can stitch HAED's in months but usually they are only stitching one project at a time. I use to get really bummed out about how long it takes to get through these but I have discovered that the journey is fun and not worry too much about the destination. Enjoy every stitch stunner and your work is beautiful. 8 pages is a fantastic achievement. Happy stitching!
    Alicia xo

    1. Thanks Alicia. I know I'm greedy but I can't help thinking about it lol. Maybe I should stop surfing on HAED finished album

  3. Well done on another great page finish on this one. I plan to make much better progress on this one next year. Thank you too for doing this SAL with me it makes the whole process much more fun. I too understand your frustration at seeing other people who seem to fly through stitching HAED but please remember we all have different lives and various amounts of free time. Some people have more than others to devote to stitching. Also this is a goal free SAL so that we can both enjoy the journey and not feel under pressure to get a certain amount done each month so don't be so hard on yourself because you are doing great (way better than me lol)


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Enjoy more and live longer lol

  4. Wow! What progress!!! It looks stunning! Well done :)

  5. You should be very pleased with your progress - I think its great! Remember at the end of the day we do this for pleasure, so you take as much time as you need!

  6. Gwen,
    I think this HAED project is absolutely beautiful! Stick with it, whatever you do! It's great that you have a SAL friend to do this one with. I've tried (unsuccessfully) to stitch a HAED design once before, and I give any stitcher who works on these a TON of credit. I'm determined to do one SOMEDAY - mark my words. ;-) Happy stitching, and thanks for sharing. YOU CAN DO IT! Kevin

  7. Gwen-- your blog is lovely in every way-- we just need to get you more followers. I promise-- that will happen at the party!!

  8. This is stunning - congratulations. I once did a 4-page HAED quick stitch in a month (2 full pages, 2 partials), I really wanted to finish it on time for my mother's birthday. But the ones I am doing for myself I wish I was doing a page a month LOL Great progress, you should be proud :)