Saturday, 15 June 2013

SAL 2nd post: Autumn

Oh ladies

Stitching this piece is really making me headache and heartache as well. Firstly, the confetti is all over the place. Secondly, I was so afraid that I won't be able to see or imagine anything from what I stitched. No, not until I finished page 53 and saw a small pale light in front of the cave, lol. Try to use all of my imagination and energy to persuade myself to understand what I am stitching. I do really hope to show you guys more, but well, lets see what I have here:

Finished page 53,54 and 45
Ok, so in this picture, I put aside the image of Yerka's artwork so that you can roughly know where I am now. I think we can see the roots and a small entrance behind it. Just like I say, a pale light in front of the cave lol.  Here is the close up pic of this entrance in natural day light:

I hope that I could show you guys more progress in the next post. Meanwhile, enjoy!

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  1. Wow you are doing so well. It looks amazing. I'm also finding the confetti quite challenging but I do like how it is coming together. Well done on your progress.

  2. Stunning!! Congrats on your progress, it's coming along really well. Embrace the challenge it's going to be well worth it.
    Alicia xo