Thursday, 13 June 2013

Damn! I'm such a Yerka mania

As you might noticed, HAED extends its sale until June 14. And as my stitching fellows might know, Yerka's arts drive me crazy recently. I dream about them day and night and my craziness yells the hell out of me that made me become a sinful chart collector of Yerka. In this post, my sin will be revealed :)not know about other stitchers but for me, there are many charts that I bought but not post in this blog "yet" as I want to hide my sin away. But you know, sometimes sharing what you are craving for to others is also a good thing. In this post, my sin will be revealed :)) (Just for Yerka's :D). The charts will be divided into 3 sections: New Stash, Already in Stash and W.I.P:

1. New Stash:

A new release: "Waiting for a Tram"

"Strawberry Orchard"

"Attack at Dawn"

"Spring Labyrinth"

"String Theory"

2. Already in Stash:

"Between Heaven and Hell"


"Room on the Loft"


"Up from the Deep"

"Grand Piano"

"Amok Harvest"

"Four seasons"


"Falling water  Estate"

"Pocket Jungle Room"

"Watering Place"

"Swimming Lesson"
 3. W.I.P (SAL):


So there are about 19 charts of Yerka that I am currently holding (and many more in my wish list, sigh~) which take me forever to finish but I am super happy! It does help me enhance my energy in stitching and I hope it happens the same to you? Tell me what you think!


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