Monday, 10 June 2013

Happy Anniversary to me and Happy New Stash!

Hi guys

This is very personal but today is our special anniversary and I got spoiled by my hubby. When HAED starts its 50% sale, my eyes stick to their site. Honestly, I surf there every single day while telling myself 'no more new chart, you've gotta to finish one' lol. My 'surfing hobby' caught my hubby's attention and he urged me to give him my wish list. But you know, I not even dare to count how many charts I have in my wish list (which i am sure that it will be even longer than our monthly grocery bills !(~^o^)~*~(^o^~). After refuse several times, I gave him my short list and here they are, newbies to my stash:

First, my all time favorite LAW:


Wind Machine

The Storm

The Call

One White Soul


And of course, new favorite artist: YERKA

Pocket Jungle Room (Look at those small little animals!)

Watering Place (looks like heaven to me)

Between Heaven and Hell (oh yeah)

Fallingwater Estate

From Mathew Steward:
A Mermaid
 From Selina Fenech
Merlins Temple (this was in my wish list forever since)
 Last but not least, fairy from the return Julie Fain!

Enchanted Glimpse
Yahoo! Feeling so exciting! I feel like living in fairy tales! Especially after watching "EPIC" this noon Lol

How about you guys? Successfully passed this sale?



  1. Wow such beautiful charts. You were super spoiled. Congrats on your anniversary. Can't wait to see your start on these. I managed to avoid the sale this time as in an earlier sale I made a large order and I said it would be the only order I made this year.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Whoa how cool is your hubby!!! I love all the Yerka's he is such a creative artist, especially jungle room. 50% off sale of course I dipped my toe in but didn't jump in head first like you HA HA. Good luck with all the amazing stitching ahead of you.
    Alicia xo