Thursday, 3 January 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! New stash, struggingly for New start and Updates

Happy New Year everyone!

To all, wish you a New year of Joy and Sucess

To dearest stichers, I am looking forward to see your stunning WIPs, UFOs and incredible choices for your new stash :D

PART I: Updates on "Dandelion Clock Dance": Almost finished page 1, finished 1 1/4 column of Page 2 . At Page 1, I tried both parking and cross country but it doesn't work well, very slow and missed some stiches as well. I tried parking on page 2, speed up!

Griding b4 stitching

After stiched 1 1/4 column of page 2


Near Finished Page 1 and after adding columns of page 2.

PART II: New Stash. OK, so before the New Year sales ended, I managed to purchase another 7 charts from HAED with so many excuses! Hehe. Tada I am a true fan of LAW:
This stunning piece named "TIME PIECE"
 by LAW, look how amazing it is,
A tree of time that bring us more lives to stitch

"The Green Gate" by LAW, this should be the gate to enter in the Time Piece, hehe. Stunning green, isnt it?

"Snails" by LAW. I don't know, just too cute, what do you think?
 My excuse for the next two charts is that I would like to stitch some zodiac theme pieces for me and my hubby. So now you can see Leo and Scorpio are here with me :D

Last but not least, a stunning piece of art from Tavener, "All Delivered" and "Faerie Melody" by Ruth Sanderson. So magical, so peaceful many colors 

PART III: Struggling for new Start.

1. "Sanctuary of Knowledge" by Randal Spangler
I know when you give a person your words, you can't take back. I told my husband that I will stitch "Sanctuary of Knowledge" by Randal Spangler for him a long long time ago but I was not able to gather all my brave to give it a go. Just too scary to look at the confetti. Ooh I so adore you guys who are working on Spangler, so brave! I really need your encouragement here!

2. "Autumn" by Yerka

Will get started around May with Pull the Other Thread, can't wait for this!

3. "Harvest Moon" by Lisa O'Malley, a relatively new brand Love Thy Thread
It looks like this, so CUTE! I think i will stitch this piece on 26 ct hardanger

I think it's enough for new starts this year. My goals also included a plan to complete all of the UFOs and WIPs of last year as well. To name a few: 1 Maia kit "Fuji From Kishou Nishiizu" stiched on 16 ct aida blue, 2 Dimensions Gold Collection "Peonies/Delphiniums" and "Sanctuary Shells" both stiched on 18 ct aida beige.




  1. Great new starts & superb progress on Dandelion Clock Dance. It's really a lovely design! Can't wait to see more of it :)

  2. Fabulous progress on Dandelion Clock. Great new charts, I have quite a few of Law's charts too but none of the ones you bought, they all look great. I'm really looking forward to starting Autumn too should be fun.

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind comment! I am pushing myself to finish Dandelion before starting Autumn with you, hope we can goal it together. Muah -