Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Updates on Dandelion Clock Dance

Hi Folks! 

Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life! 

Good news is the contemporary art project finally finished and I managed to spend sometimes with stitching.

So here is a quick update on Dandelion Clock Dance:

After 10 days, page 1 almost finished

If you can see, another dandelion appeared. There are about 88 colors in this chart and 20 of them appeared in the first page! The picture did not do its justice to show the different color floss but believe, it was a hard time for me to work with so many similar pink color!

I love the color change but at the same time wonder if it changes too agressive...Please let me know your opinion. 



1 comment:

  1. Hi Gwen,
    Thank you for following my blog. It's how I found yours. It's nice to meet you and I can see you have become another HAED addict. Welcome to the club!

    Dandelion looks great. A near page finish in 10 days is fantastic progress.
    I know what you mean how the colour changes should blend more, some of the backgrounds in the charts I have seem to have abrupt colour changes that seem a little too stark. However all in all the HAED cross stitches look stunning when finished. They just need to be viewed at a distance for the effect to work.

    Good luck with your stitching, looking forward to more wips.
    xox Alicia