Friday, 14 December 2012

Updates on Dandelion Clock Dance, newbies, small projec and UFO

Hi folks

Many apologizes for leaving this blog with grass. I have been busy with my company's project and hence have not make much progress. That is to say, frankly, I only managed to spend few hours per week to stitch. I do take picture of each time I made progress on Dandelion Clock dance (Just that I did not have time to post it!) So here it goes:

Progress on Nov 29th, I have no idea why I can't rotate the image!

Dec 10th, close up
Dec 15th, we can see a little dandelion!

While working on Dandelion Clock Dance, I aslo stich a bit on a smaller project:

Dimension Gold Collection, Sanctuary Shells, stitch on 18ct beige aida. it should look like the bottom demonstration pic when i finish :p

 I also found one UFO need to be finished, should I apply to YOTA @ pulltheotherthread Blog.

Dimensions Gold Collection, Peonies/Delphiniums

Look how lovely they are!

OK, so though I was extremely busy but I did manage to look at you guys' blogs everyday to find inspiration. You guys truly are! The other day when I surfed through Gizzimomos' Blog and read her review on lovethythread new charts, i absolutely fell in love! And eventually grasped 5 patterns for myself. Absolutely stunning, so please visit her website if you have time.

Happy stitching!


  1. Great progress and lovely new charts. Is that one of the little coal creatures from Spirited Away I see there? I LOVE those guys they are soooo cute.

    1. Thanks! Yes, we called him makurokurosuke in japanese. He appears in most of Ghibli's Production such as My neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. You must be a fan!

    2. Yeah I love studio Ghibli productions. They are amazing. I love Totoro I have a Totoro t shirt and Howls Moving Castle is amazing.