Saturday, 12 October 2013

Yo' guys are wondering what am I up to? New start and Updates

Hi folks

I have been disappeared for a while. You know it's hard to keep your blog updated when your stitching mojo went for vacation! Hang on, summer is over. it's autumn, you've gotta come back to me LOL.

So as you might know, I have several of W.I.P now but not all of them get my hands on it all the time. I know it's a shame but people's taste change and I know I can't focus on it if I find no interest. So in the mean time, I focus on what interested me most: my SAL 'Autumn' with Pull the other thread, Dandelion Clock Dance and my brand new start: "Ryo" by Haruyo Morita.

Here you go the picture and the link to HAED website:

This has been chosen as my new start thanks to some of my fellow stitchers on Official fan page of HAED on Facebook. They said I should give it a go, and here it is, my first page done:

And I am glad I did make this start cause the color changing is amazing. You might not see it vividly here due to the quality of the picture. Please STITCH it to FEEL it. And I am loving it.

To the very last note of this post, here is my little current progress on DCD:

And I will see you soon in the next post to tell you about the updates of 'Autumn'. Please come back on 15th!




  1. Ryo is beautiful. Congrats on your page 1 finish!

    1. Thanks Justine! I hope I can show you more :D

  2. Congratulations! Haed designs are serious work!