Sunday, 20 October 2013

A bad bad week with stitching and lost floss package

I have been struggling on making progress with DCD. While stitching page 10, I realized that I gridded wrongly and as a matter of fact, I have to frog and frog. Oh I can't tell how much i hate frogging. It really make me feel less interested in stitching this. So I gave it a good wash and gridded again.


Another bad thing come to me is the post office lost my floss package worth nearly 100 bucks. And they claimed that they delivered it 3 days ago! oh what a shame for them cause I have been staying at home the whole day and received nothing. Should I expect to receive my stuff back? Maybe not... what a bad week. Sigh

For those who are curious what kind of pen I used to grid my fabric:

To wash, I mixed a small amount of shampoo with luke warm water, let the fabric absorb and the color will be gone within 1 hour. 

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  1. Sounds like you have had very bad luck. You made great progress on your stitching. The same thing happened to me recently where the post office said they had tried to deliver a package but it definitely was not at my house. Thankfully where ever they had tried to deliver it were not home so it went to the local office and I was able to collect it from there with the help of a very nice fellow who had it waiting for me when I went in. Usually larger packages like that would be insured, I would definitely suggest trying to chase it up as that is a lot of money to lose.