Monday, 26 November 2012

HAED: Cyber Monday Sale!!!

Bad news. HAED continuously has sales: from Thanks Giving to Cyber Monday Sale. Could anybody out there resist it? Not me. I insanely bought some charts and thickened my HAED stash. I know I have enough to last me forever to finish T_T. But I can't help! Sorry, wallet
"Mini Scent of Magic" by Kuniko Y  Craft Arts,  © HAED
"Windmill in Dordogne" by  John Patience,  © HAED
"Bunny at the door" by Nancy Faulkner, © HAED 
                          "Impossibilium" by Aimee Steward, © HAED
"Trick or Treat" by Randal Spangler, © HAED

Oops...again. Neverrr more for this sale

"Blossoming Love" by Selina Fenech, © HAED 

"Beyond the Hedge" by Stepanie Pui-mun Law, © HAED

"Autumn in Fern Hollow" by John Patience, © HAED


  1. Going to avoid this sale myself. Don't worry most of us HAED people have more charts than could possibly be stitched but it is nice to have a choice on what to work on. I love Impossibilium it's on my WL. I loved your idea about working on Yerka's Autumn together, as you suggested on my blog, however it would be sometime in 2013 before I could start it. I have a list of things as long as my arm to get sorted in the first few months of next year. I hope you are enjoying your new found love of HAED, even if your wallet doesn't :)

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  3. @Pull the other thread: That sounds great! Let's schedule it together! yay

  4. I see HAED has you firmly in its grasp! Lovely charts. SPML is one of my favourite artists. I currently have 82 large charts and 29 QS/SK charts in my stash. Ooppps. I probably wouldn't be able to start Autumn until May next year. Let me know how that sounds to you. If you want to e-mail me my address is

  5. Oh wow, at least you are brave enough to count :-) May sounds great, I assumed I will finish "Dandellion Clock" by April haha :D

  6. The sales are what caused the huge number, especially the 50% and also the layaway program. Now in the sales I put lots away and pay them off over the 3 months (very bad for my wallets health) Great, we can arrange the start closer to the date. Can't wait to see your progress on Dandelion Clock.

  7. Great new chart stash! I've just ventured into Haed world & orderd my first chart!! I was hesitating with Cosmos as well, which I noticed you've got in your previous post :)

    1. Hi Mii Stitch, Thanks for your comment and yeah, simply can't refuse "Cosmos", too lovely~