Saturday, 31 May 2014

Updates on WIPS and new start(s)


I have been disappearing~~~ I know!  I have been nursing my tooth so now I can eat my favorite crispy rice again woohoo! My Macbook gone wild the day before yesterday and as a result I had to spent the whole day queuing at Apple store to get it fixed. Not a pleasure experience at all. Despite from that, I think I did a good job with stitching. So here you go, stitching summary of May:

Daenerys by Love Thy Thread

Yes, she is nearly finished, 8 more pages to go. Have no idea why this blog makes her so grey, should be beautiful dreamy baby blue! Hopefully I can get her done in June!

Dunlee Darnum by Tilton Crafts:

Not done much on this recently, I was too busy stitching Daenerys! But hey, I got the owl done. i am not sure I will come back to this piece anytime soon because I found way too many distraction including these new starts:

Sparkle Love Thy Thread: Stitched 2 over 2 on 32 count Belfast in Opal Oberon (Hand dyed fabric by Steph) with hand dyed silks by Thread Pickerz:

And this: Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike

Original Art:

My stitching:

Isn't she pretty!!!!!

And more importantly, she has a companion, gifted to me by sweet Crafty Princess: Lithium

 To complete the collection, I also bought:



Roses are Red
All of these artworks are created by Amazing SHEENA PIKE in her Malevolence Collection. You can visit her artworks here. They are charted by Love Thy Thread Designs and can be purchased here. For those who love tea, she also has a tea and season collection. Here is one of them which I might buy when I have more penny to spend:

Tea in the Moonlight
So that's my stitching results in May! I hope you enjoyed it and leave some comments below which one you want to see most. I will try my best to crack it for ya!


Leave a sparkle wherever you go!


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Updates on 'Autumn' SAL May 2014

Howdy folks!

Apologies for lack of updates these days. I was not at my best condition to stitch. I am having terrible toothache which makes me unable to eat and sleep for a week now.  And guess what, all of my 'good friends' keep sending me their eating pictures!!! I am so pissed1 I want to eatttt and stitch. So I made Pumpkin Scone and Japanese Matcha (green tea) Sponge Cake to feed hubby! See how it turns out

They smell so good that I want to tuck in but hell no, my poor teeth might bleed. But I will come back STRONG.

Come back to the main topic :-D. I, anyhow, was able to have almost a page done this month. I want to have a completed page finished but I was not in a right mood. But see this guys, I want to jump in the picture, it really glows, doesn't it???

Leave comments below and tell me what you think! This page is a heavy confetti page so watch out!

And please don't forget to visit Pull the other thread's blog to see her amazing progress this month. I will come back shortly.

Happy stitching!