Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Updates on 'Autumn' SAL May 2014

Howdy folks!

Apologies for lack of updates these days. I was not at my best condition to stitch. I am having terrible toothache which makes me unable to eat and sleep for a week now.  And guess what, all of my 'good friends' keep sending me their eating pictures!!! I am so pissed1 I want to eatttt and stitch. So I made Pumpkin Scone and Japanese Matcha (green tea) Sponge Cake to feed hubby! See how it turns out

They smell so good that I want to tuck in but hell no, my poor teeth might bleed. But I will come back STRONG.

Come back to the main topic :-D. I, anyhow, was able to have almost a page done this month. I want to have a completed page finished but I was not in a right mood. But see this guys, I want to jump in the picture, it really glows, doesn't it???

Leave comments below and tell me what you think! This page is a heavy confetti page so watch out!

And please don't forget to visit Pull the other thread's blog to see her amazing progress this month. I will come back shortly.

Happy stitching!



  1. Gwen,I truly hope you feel better soon! Toothache can be so so painful. Your baking look fabulous, I can understand why you'd like to eat these :) Fabulous, fabulous work on your cross stitch project!!! Wow, it does really look inviting :)

    1. Thanks Mii. Yes nothing worst than a toothache right :((

  2. You poor thing!! I do hope you feel better very soon. Your stitching on Autumn is spectacular, it does almost glow with warmth. I will post my own later today. Feel better soon sweetie :)

    1. Thank you! Looking forward seeing you progress too! At least there is smth that will definitely cheers me up!

  3. Oh dear, I hope your tooth is better by now and you can eat all those yummy things again =)

    I love your progress on this one, it's simply beautiful =)

  4. Oh man that looks so hot!!! It's totally 3 dimensional. Beautiful progress stunner. Sorry to hear that you've been in a pain for the last week or so, toothache is the worst. I hope it's all better now and that you are munching happily on some of that yummy food!
    xo Alicia