Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Summary of year 2014 and goals for 2015

Hi folks

First of all, many apologies for my absence in blogging in the last few months. I have been rather busy with my micro business and my small family. 2014 is such a memorable and emotional year with love, hate, sweet and bitter. However, looking back, I feel like I have grown up a little and those memories indeed gave me priceless lessons. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you, my stitchy fellows and wish you all the best in the coming year(s).

While searching for my goals for year of 2014 that I posted here in back in January, I realized I missed half of the goal I set LMAO. Let's review again my goal and achievements so far:

1. To finish Dandelion Clock Dance by HAED:

Started point in Jan 2014:

And I finished it in April 2014

2. To finish two bottom rows (full page row) of "Autumn" by Jacek Yerka (HAED/ SAL with Pull the other thread):

Started point in January 2014

I did not achieve the goal :-( The last time I touched this piece was back in August >_< . I feel terribly ashamed with my SAL partner Pull the other thread :-( In total, I accomplished 6 pages with full x stitch. Here how it looks

My goal in 2015 is to achieve the goal I set for 2014 T__T and we will see from there lol

3. To finish the first row (full page row) of Ryo by Haruyo Morita (HAED)
    My started point in January 2014 and how it should look like

Achievement: NONE. I totally abandoned it! I know! I am totally hanging in shame right now >_<
Goal in 2015: again, is to achieve the goal I had set for 2014

And the fun part, I had started plenty new starts ROFL! So let's find out why I didn't achieve my 2014 goals!

I started....

1. Magic Fire by Esmira (Paine Free Crafts, finished size 397 x 400). Started in January, stitched on 28 count lugana

Here how it looks in October 2014, 8 pages done.

My goal in 2015 is to finish the top row and hopefully a bit of both sides >_<

2. Dunlee Darnum by JB Monge (Tilton Crafts). Finished size 300 x 419. Started in Feb, stitched on 28 count lugana as well

By Oct, I have more than a half of the chart done as you can see above. My goal is to have it finish in 2015. Oh it's gonna be HARD LOL

3. Daenerys by Elena Berezina (Love Thy Thread Designs, out of business). Finished size: 300 x 300. Started in February 2014 and finished in May 2014

4. Sparkles by LTT. Started and finished in a day

5. Sullenly Sweet by Sheena Pike (LTT) Stitch count: 240 x 315. Started in May and here how it looks in September, 11 pages done

6. Roses are red by Sheena Pike (LTT) Stitch count 210 x 311. Started in June and below is how it looks in September

Top 4 pages done
Goal of 2015: is to finish her!

7. Bluebell by Sheena Pike (LTT) Stitch count 169 x 169. Started in July and finished in August (1 week)

8. In this house by Love Thy Thread. Started and finished in summer (Sorry I can't recall the date >_<)

9. Never let anyone dull your Sparkle by Love Thy Thread. Started and finished within the same day in September

10. Dead Heart by Logan Knight (Color Cascade Designs) Stitch count 405 x 500. Started somewhere in summer lol, stitched on 25 count magic guide

9 pages done so far, my goal is to "try" to have it finish by the end of 2015. I think I need another life @@

11&12. I also started World by Heffernan (TC) and Impossibillium by Aimee Steward (HAED) but there is nothing much to show and I have no intention to make progress this year as I am fully booked and loosing interest. I might touch them if I have spare time after accomplishing all the goals I have set so far.

13. Autumn Fairy (Love Thy Thread). It's actually a small chart but somehow I got distracted way too much and haven't been able to finish her yet so my goal is to finish her in 2015

14. Blue Bell by Nora Corbett: Started and finished in December, first time beading :o

15. Wonderous Winter by Lyne Nicolet. Started and finished in December as well

16. Messing About by Chris Dunn (PFC) Started in Dec, only 1 page done so far

17. Others: I also started several small-medium charts in 2014 such as Owl (LTT), Guardian of Koi (LTT), Here Comes the Wind (Glendon Place), Hummingbird (Love Thy Thread) and Roses (Northen Expression Needleworks). I'm not sure if I can make much progress on each of them but might pick some to stitch as a small break between big projects. 

Overall, I have way too many new starts in 2014, some finishes and some hanging in shame. My new year resolution is to reduce that shame and only have new start when I have at least 1 finish. That sounds ridiculous I know but I really need some discipline to control the new start devil in me lmao.

What's your 2014 in review and what's your 2015's goal and resolution? Please let me know! I'd love to hear!




  1. Well, I'm impressed with what you've accomplished. Love the variety of your chart choices and good luck with your 2015 goals.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year. You did a lot of stitching in 2014 good luck in 2015 to match it. Wow just wow.

  3. Amazing progress on all your projects Gwen. Congrats on the great finishes.


  4. Amazing progress this year. Some stunning finishes and great new starts. I haven't worked on Autumn in ages either. You are still way ahead of me. Hoping to get back to stitching on it in the New Year.

  5. You've accomished quite a lot imho. Good luck next year!

  6. That is an amazing amount of stitching! Totally puts me to shame! Well done!

  7. Nguyen you crazy girl! Raise your head up high my friend. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You've stitched more than anyone I know. They all look amazing but I would love to see more of Autumn so I truly hope you achieve your 2015 goal on that one. Then I will be a happy Princess. Well done stunner
    xo Alicia