Friday, 8 August 2014

My hand dyed fibers!!!!!

Hi guys

I am so happy that after a long while testing, I came up with some of these beauties. Hubby go scared seeing me wearing mask and gloves walking around like a professional chemist LOL. Here is the sneak peak of my hand dyed fibers!

These are hand dyed  six strands cotton flosses 10 yards long! (about 1.3 yards longer than normal DMC). I started a group called FIBERLICIOUS today on Facebook so if you have time, please make a visit! I'll be extremely happy welcome you <3. First order will get 20% off total purchase!

Yahoo! Come back to my lab! :-p

Happy stitching guys



  1. These are beautiful! Sadly I'm not on Facebook or I would go for a peep. I think you should post a pic of yourself in the lab!

  2. Very nice! If not a secret where do you get the blank thread for dyeing? Hope you approve my request to join the group soon.

    1. You're in the group now! Not a secret at all, You can purchase White DMC cone at Joann's store across America! or you can purchase via Ebay.

  3. WOW!! These colours are so so yummy :)
    I'm not on FB but wishes very good luck with these!