Saturday, 15 February 2014

'Aumtumn' by Jacek Yerka: The 10th Update

Hi guys

Yes, it's time to talk about SAL again Lol

As I mentioned in the last SAL post, my DMC 938 ran out. I ordered a new batch and realized a terrible mistake, I ordered only 1 skein instead of 10! I reckon that somehow, I mistyped '0'. I don't know to laugh or to cry right now (ー_ー)!!

Having said that, I managed to finish the page I should have done in last month SAL. So here you go:


 Here is how it looks as a whole, still a long way to go. Apologies for all the wrinkles

I'm half way through my goal for SAL this year i.e to finish 2 bottom rows of this chart. My next 2 pages will be the cellar (in the red square below):

I hope it will be something different from roots and fire. Now I can't wait to see my stitching buddy Pull the other thread with her flying books!!!

Have a lovely day guys!




  1. Amazing progress! It's looking great!

  2. Brilliant progress! It is looking wonderful!

  3. Another great update. Will post mine a little later. Congrats on another page finish.

  4. Great progress! It's beautiful.

  5. Oh No sorry to hear about the quantify fiasco on your ordered threads. Hopefully that one skein will keep you going until you can get more. Congrats on this beautiful project I love this wip, it's my favourite one of yours. It's stunning!
    Alicia xo