Thursday, 15 August 2013

SAL 4th post: Autumn by Jacek Yerka

This is a quick post on my SAL with Pull the other thread. As I mentioned before, we are moving out so I have to admit that I did not have much time to stitch. Many apologies for any readers who are expecting for a better result. Anw, here is my 'Autumn' before it was packed :D

Only 2 columns were stitched T.T

Bonus my messy stitching place. I have to switch to Q snap since my Millennium  frame is too short.

Hope you guys enjoy!



  1. This is looking really gorgeous!

    Btw, can I ask which stand you're using for your Q Snap in the picture?

  2. Thanks Aelynna! The stand is actually a gift from my friend. She made it by herself :D

  3. Wow nice! You have such a wonderful and talented friend! :)

  4. hi, just found your blog, hope you don't mind me putting it on my blog list. Great stitching.

  5. Thank you for passing by my blog and leaving some comments!

  6. Don't worry any progress is good progress. It looks amazing so far! I love how 3D it appears in the pic.
    Alicia xo

  7. Ah just realised I never commented on this. Shame on me. Your progress is fabulous. I am hoping to have some progress on this for the September post date. Your work is amazing though.