Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hummingbird is finished! Woohoo!!!

Hi folks

I'm so pleased that I have been somewhat productive lately. My latest ufo project in my finish list is now completed!

Part of the reason why Hummingbird was an UFO was because I did not measure enough fabric for the rest of the tail. I therefore had to modify it a little bit to fit. Having said that, I kinda like my version better! Here is the original:

So she is my #4 finish in the list so far! I'm so excited to move on my next project in the list: SK Caffeine by Spangler (HAED)
Here how is should looks like
And here how is my start

The reason this one was an UFO was because I did not like the choice of fabric (28 count Monaco white). Though it gives very good coverage for tent stitch, the fabric is somewhat too stiff. Stitching on it giving me an impression of sawing through a card board LOL.  Does anyone have any tips working on this fabric? I use needle size 28 and millennium frame. Thanks so much in advance!



  1. The hummingbird looks awesome! Well done on a beautiful finish (even if it needed a little modifying)!!

    I can't help with the Monaco issues, as I rather like the stiffness!

  2. I think your hummingbird looks better than the original too. Congratulations on another finish. I can't help you with the fabric I'm afraid but wonder if Thread Heaven might help the threads glide a bit smoother through the rough fabric? :)

  3. Amazing finish, so pretty. Sorry can't help with the fabric issues either though maybe if you give it a quick wash it might make it a bit softer.

  4. Well done for sticking to your stitching plans and doing so well on finishing your UFOs:) I have a feeling that one day I have to do something similar, but I'm having too much fun with new starts lol:)

  5. Congrats the hummingbird looks great! I don't have any tips really although this is one of my favorite fabrics. Maybe try washing it or just handling it really well. It should soften some

  6. Congrats on your lovely hummingbird finish.
    My hat off to you for altering the design so beautifully that it can fit on your lovely fabric.

  7. Congrats on the lovely finish! Sorry, no wise words for the fabric - I rather like the ones with a bit of body to them.

  8. I much prefer your hummingbird to the original - you did a great job recharting it!
    Would Qsnaps help with the stiff fabric?

  9. Congratulations on your lovely finish =) I think you did a great job with fitting it unto the fabric, the tail looks great to me =)

    Effects of Caffeine is a great project and I am looking forward to see your work on it =)

  10. Amazing finish..Congrats the hummingbird looks great!wow!
    clipping path

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