Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dandelion Clock Dance: Finished Page 2 and more + New start Merlin and Arthur

Hi guys

I know I have been disappearing ever since I posted a blog about setting an extreme goal on this project. And obviously I failed to meet that goal sigh! Moving house drove me crazy but at last I could sit down and give me sometime to post some update.

Page 2 finished on April 1st

 1/4 page 3 finished on April 20th

The other day when I  was listening to 'If life is so short' by the Moffats, I realized that I wasted so many of my time in the past. I have also learnt that setting a strict goal is also very important in time management strategy. I will try to update as much as I can here about my stitching project to see how far I have gone through.

So here is a new start ready for April circulation:

Merlin and Arthur by Scott Gustafason
Heaven and Earth Designs

Stitching on Dublin line (Zweigart 25 count)
Starting date: April 1st

I love this artwork very very very much, a fairy tale and yet an amazing artwork by talented Scott Gustafason.

Do you have any new start this month? Please share with me!