Sunday, 3 February 2013

Setting goal for Dandelion Clock Dance

Hi there

I was so unproductive these days with totally no excuse. My goal setting is to finish DCD is by the end of April but look at this, I haven't even finish page 2 since November! Such a disaster.

So I was thinking again how to meet my goal within 2 months. I was surfing on the Internet to find inspiration from stitchers around the world. And I found a fabulous stitcher from Japan KOMARI and her stitching was stunning. The thing that impressed me most is how she sets her goal 3-4 days 1 A4 page!  I totally do not know how she did it but i'm sure she must have amazing skills.

Well, I know I can't set  a 3 day-goal like her but I should follow a strict schedule in order to finish it. 5 days/page! How does it sound? hmmm hmmm. It means I will have to finish 13 left over pages in next 65 days ( approximately 2 months). Here is the breakdown image for your reference (and my own reference too). I will try to keep my project update to see how far I can go. Hahaha but it sounds so ridiculous :))